• Cupcake Earrings ? + Biz Resources I Love! [July 2023 Favorite Things]

    Happy July, Y’all! ☀️ If you’ve been here a while, you already know that I really enjoy giving my community a glimpse into what I’m doing and buying, and so today I’m sharing my favorite biz things with you for July 2023!  

    Important side note: This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend and share products I personally use and love!!

    Favorite Business + Personal Resources

    ? My top selling product the past few months has been my $9 template on how to pitch potential affiliate partners.  Learn to create your own $9 product here – this has been one of my favorite purchases in 2023 so far.

    ? ThriveCart users… You will want these templates.  

    ? Put your Tripwire page together… quickly.  This will help.

    ? Grab these 50+ Customer Service Templates – this will save you so much time when responding to client emails.

    ? If you plan to launch *anything* this year, grab this Sales Page in a Day™ template. It’s super affordable and I use it for writing all of my sales pages.

    ? I’m obsessed with fun earrings, and I recently ordered these cute cupcake earrings pictured below from Wondermint Goods.  I’m wearing them to my niece’s 5th birthday party this weekend – can’t wait.

    ? I have been reading all of the books by Taylor Jenkins Reid that I can get my hands on. Fast, easy reads.  Start with The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.  I couldn’t read it fast enough.  

    ? I went to Washington DC last week… If you are ever in the area, go to Filomena’s.  One of the best meals I’ve ever had.  You can catch a fun recap of my trip in this reel here.

    Favorite Current Work Projects

    In addition to launching new templates each month, I am also busy supporting my private 1:on:1 and VIP Day Clients in a variety of ways.  If you are looking for support with starting your affiliate program or want to learn how to monetize your existing affiliate program even further, I’ve got a few options to support you:

    Book an Affiliate Program Strategy.

    Schedule an Affiliate Program VIP Day.

    Or hit reply and let me know you’d like the details on my monthly Affiliate Program Management Services – I’ve got space for one more client and I’ve to discuss the options with you.

    What are some of your favorite business and personal resources? I’d love to hear! Share with me in a comment or DM me on Instagram!

  • 3 Reasons You Need to Ask Your Customers to Become Your Affiliate

    One of the most common questions I get from product sellers and course creators is this:

    Who should I ask to be my affiliate partner?

    One of the first places I recommend people start is inviting their customers to become their affiliates.  And in this blog, I’m going to cover 3 reasons you should absolutely ask your customers to become your affiliates after they have left a review or testimonial as well as what the benefits to doing this are!

    Reason #1: You’ll get amazing testimonials from your customers

    The first step in inviting your customers into your affiliate program is asking them for a testimonial or review of your product.  Once you’ve done that, you will send them down one of the two pathways to invite them to become an affiliate, depending on if they submit a testimonial/review or not.  {I cover this here.}

    The good news is that even if they do not sign up to become an affiliate for you, you will still have their review which you can use on your website and in your promo materials.  Social proof is so important, because it helps new potential customers connect to your brand easier, and it can also help create more customer loyalty with the person who writes them.  

    Reason #2: It’s a faster way to get your business in front of new audiences

    When you invite your customers to become your affiliates, you aren’t having to spend hours researching potential affiliates, engaging and networking with them, writing a fantastic pitch to them and tracking the follow up emails needed.   

    Instead, you save so much time by inviting customers who already have used your product/course to share their experience with others as your affiliate partner.  What this means is that you will get your products/courses in front of new audiences faster.  

    And by automating this process {I also cover this here}, you aren’t adding more things to your already overwhelmed to do list.  Instead, your customers are out there promoting your products and bringing in new sales for you, while they earn fun commissions in the process.

    Reason #3: No Facebook ads needed

    If you think that in order to make more sales you’ll eventually have to figure out how to run expensive Facebook ads, I invite you to think again.  With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to run facebook ads if you don’t want to.  Instead, you can have your customers become your affiliates and then when they refer people to you, you pay them out commissions.

    And if you do want to run facebook ads eventually, use the money you make from your affiliate’s referrals to fund your Facebook ads budget. #winwin 

    Ready to invite your customers to become your affiliates? 

    Grab the Invite Your Customers to Become Your Affiliates Template Pack here These are the exact templates you need to send customers to get those reviews and testimonials to turn them into your affiliates!

  • My Favorite Moments from Ultimate Product Party 2023

    I recently had the opportunity to head to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the Ultimate Product Party, a 2-day conference for product sellers. Even as a service based business owner who works with product sellers, I had SO MANY TAKEAWAYS from this event.

    In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite moments from the conference.  While I won’t highlight all of the speakers and roundtable leaders, I do want to emphasize this: EVERY SINGLE PERSON was amazing. All of the speakers were awesome, I learned a ton from every single roundtable I went to, and all of the keynotes were just top notch.  So, while I won’t mention them all below, know that they were still 100% amazing.

    Okay, now onto some of my favorite moments from the Ultimate Product Party.

    Ciara Bennett’s Opening Keynote

    Ciara Bennett with Vintage Oats was the opening keynote and omgosh, her personal story was AMAZING. It’s always so amazing to hear stories of women who triumphed when the odds were stacked against them, and Ciara is one of those women. I found her story really inspiring and encouraging as someone in a growth stage in my own business.  

    Follow Ciara over on Instagram here

    Amanda Dare’s Breakout Workshop on Business Funding

    Amanda Dare with Women Owned Wallet did an amazing session all about money and how to fund your business.  One of the things she said that really stood out to me, and I think can apply to so many different business scenarios is this:  

    Don’t do what helps you today; do what helps you in 3 months, 6 months, a year…

    In other words, be future focused and don’t think so much in the “right now”. I know I can get so shortsighted sometimes, and so this was a great reminder to really focus on the long term plans I have for my business. 

    Check out Woman Owned Wallet here.

    Q&A Panel on the High High’s and Low Low’s

    Sometimes in business, especially I think as a solo entrepreneur, it can feel like I’m the only one dealing with the business struggles I go through.  So, when this Q&A session happened, it was honestly so refreshing to hear that – surprise surprise – other business owners deal with struggles too. I especially appreciated Monica Little’s stance on how problems can be opportunities. It doesn’t always feel like that in the moment, but I do like how she suggested looking at them as opportunities to solve things.

  • 9 Reasons an Affiliate Program is a Must-Have for Course Creators & Product Sellers

    I received an email this week from Allison Carter {co-host of Ultimate Product Party} that said “what are you too scared to say??”

    When it comes to my business, there’s not really a lot I am scared to say because affiliate programs aren’t really that controversial lol ….

    …But I am sometimes scared about being too repetitive with the things I do say. 

    But here’s the thing I am always saying because I wholeheartedly believe this:

    If you have an online course, sell products (digital or physical), or have group programs…

    You need an affiliate program.

    And if you don’t have one, you’re losing out on lots of potential sales a.k.a you’re not making as much money as you could be.

    Chances are you’re following me because you’re interested in starting an affiliate program so you can double your course or product sales…

    … and maybe you just haven’t taken action yet…

    … or maybe you’ve kind of piece-mealed things together but haven’t really done anything with your program yet….

    If any of these describe you, I want to share the following 9 reasons an affiliate program is a must-have for course creators and product sellers like you!

  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES: How I Created my $9 Offer ? + How You Can, too!

    I really like sharing behind-the-scenes content of how I’m building my business with you, and the resources I use, because I know business can be hard and trying to figure out how to do all the things and make a living from it can feel overwhelming sometimes.

    In this post, I’m sharing how I’ve made $500+ in digital product sales in just 23 days . I hope you’ll find this helpful and encouraging, and will consider creating your own $9 offer {resource below!}

    On March 5th, I purchased a $9 course on how to create my own $9 offer from Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard

    I listened to it that same Sunday afternoon laying in the hammock in my backyard – it’s really bite-sized and easy to digest, and I could listen to it like a podcast, which I love. ?

    On Monday, I made a super simple sales page for my $9 offer, which is my Invitation to Send to Potential Affiliate Partners. {You can check it out here.}

    I’ve very casually been promoting it on social media and to my email newsletter list.

    But here’s the cool thing…

    As a result of taking action from that one $9 training, I sold $500+ in digital products in just the first 23 days. ?

    So, what could you create and sell for $9 this month to start making more digital product sales?

    If you are running an online business, I know you’ve probably got an idea for a $9 offer inside of you! ??

    I would highly encourage you to check out the Small But Mighty $9 Offers training through my affiliate link here: ? https://checkout.elizabethgoddard.co.uk/referral/9/HzGArk4x2nHLHhKd ?

    Do you like reading stuff like this? If so, I share more behind the scenes in my weekly newsletter… Sign up for it here.

  • What to Include in Your Monthly Affiliate Newsletter

    Kelly here, with a super quick tip and to-do for you today that is going to help you help your affiliates make you more sales.  

    {Not working with affiliates yet? This template will get you started.}

    Here’s the tip:

    If you have an affiliate program set up, make sure that you send your affiliates a newsletter to let them know how they can promote for you this month!


    Because sending a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your affiliates updated about what’s happening in your business, and to remind them how they can earn commissions as your affiliate partner.

    Sending your next {or first!} affiliate newsletter in April is great timing because it’s a new quarter! 

    Here’s what to include in your next affiliate newsletter:

    ✅ Check in with your affiliates to let them know what you’ll be focused on in Q2 and encourage them to continue sharing out your affiliate link {or to start if they haven’t already}. 

    ✅ Make sure you are making it easy-peasy for your affiliates to find where their unique affiliate link is, as well as the promotional materials you have created for them. 

    ✅ And remind them where they can go to see their monthly commissions inside your affiliate tracking software!

    Your newsletter does NOT need to be long or complicated.  But it does need to tell your affiliates the important details they need in order to be successful in promoting for you.

    Want some support with writing your affiliate newsletters each month? ??? Click click click to check out the Affiliate Newsletter Template Pack I’ve put together for you.

    This template pack is delivered in Google Doc format, and contains 12 newsletters {one for each month of the year!} ready for you to customize with your specific affiliate program details and information.  You can simply copy the google doc, and then edit the newsletters straight away.

    I’m not doing a big launch around it or anything, just wanted you to know it’s available for you if you’re committed to sending out a monthly affiliate newsletter and want it to be easy.

    Leave me a comment if you found this blog helpful – I’d love to hear from you!

  • Do This Simple Activity to Start Increasing Sales?

    I’ve got an activity for you today that is going to help you increase your sales this month if you carve out the time to do it.

    Let’s start by raising your hand if you sell a digital product, such as templates or an ebook, or even an online course… ?‍♀️

    If you’ve got your hand raised, did you know that you are in a great position for working with affiliates?

    It’s true!

    Because when you work with affiliates, that gives you the opportunity to get your products and courses in front of new potential customers…

    … which means more sales and more money in the bank for you and your affiliates who share your offers with their people! ?

    Wondering who your affiliates should be?

    ? Past customers.
    ? Current clients.
    ? Colleagues with complimentary products to yours (because that means their audience is most likely full of your ideal customers!)

     That’s a short but simple list of good places to start looking for affiliates.

    Today, I want you to do this simple but impactful money-makin’ activity:

    Who are 5 – 10 people you can think of that might be willing to share your freebie or offers with their community?

    Make a list.

    Then reach out to the people on your list and *ask* if they would like to be an affiliate for you.

    You might be surprised how willing people are to share your work with their community! ❤️

    As I always say, setting up your affiliate program doesn’t have to be hard…

    Start with reaching out to potential affiliate partners!

    If you don’t know what to say when pitching these potential affiliate partners, grab this Invitation to Send Potential Affiliate Partners email template here.  You can take this google doc template and customize it for sending out to your potential affiliate partners.

    If you’re reading this post and wishing you could make more sales, do the activity above asap.

    I know that even if just one affiliate partner says YES to working with you, you have the opportunity to increase your sales dramatically.

    But they can’t say yes to being your affiliate if you don’t ask them.

    So, make your list and send those pitches today!

    Let me know over on Instagram if you give this activity a try – I’d love to hear how many YESes you get! 

  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Reaching Out to Potential Affiliates

    Today I’m getting ready to send out 15 emails to potential affiliates I have researched for one of my affiliate management clients. {One of my favorite tasks I do for her!} 

    As I’ve been crafting each of the emails to send, I realized that I had some important things to share with you about what makes for a great pitch {the email you send asking someone to affiliate for you!}.

    So, without further ado, here we go!

    3 Mistakes to Avoid When Reaching Out to Potential Affiliates

    Mistake 1: Making your pitch only about you! 

    Instead of making your pitch ONLY about YOU, instead make it about the person your pitching’s audience and how your collaboration can benefit them, and why partnering together is the best way to make that happen!

    Mistake #2: Sending a generic pitch! 

    Whatever you do, please, do not send a generic pitch.  Instead, do your research on the person/company you are pitching. Send a pitch that shows you know about their company, and their audience, and that you are genuinely interested in serving their audience by partnering together.

    Also, check their website BEFORE you pitch… they might already have a page on their site about how to best reach out re: collaborations and potential affiliate partnerships.  If they do, follow the instructions on that page.  

    Mistake #3: Sending all the details before it’s needed 

    Friends, do NOT send a novel with all the collaboration details and sign up information in the first email. People are busy {aren’t we all!} and so they don’t have time to read all of the details about the collaboration you have in mind.

    Instead, I recommend sharing a high-level overview of the collaboration you have in mind, and then asking them to hit reply if they’d like to hear more!  Then, once they say YES to partnering with you, you can send them through your affiliate onboarding process!

    If you are considering working with affiliates and will be doing any outreach soon, make sure you keep these things in mind so that you can get more YESes and less NOs {or worse, no reply at all!}

    Let me know if these tips are helpful!

    Need some help with writing your pitch to affiliates? I’ve got a template for you HERE that you can customize for each affiliate reach out email you create.  If you grab it, let me know what you think!

  • Three Reasons You Need to Organize Your Google Drive ASAP

    One of the tools I use the most here at Create Your Affiliate Program is Google Drive which I love and use on a daily basis. But if we’re being honest, the excitement of having a free tool like Google Drive is erased by the total lack of guidance on how to actually use it. {Google does provide a training on using it but it’s… pretty lackluster at best lol.}

    So you find yourself with random docs floating around like that feather in the Forest Gump movie, and you waste so much time looking for things in your Drive, I want to share with you three few reasons you might want to get your Google Drive organized, PLUS a resource for making that happen!

    Three Reasons You Need to Organize Your Google Drive ASAP

    1. It increases your productivity!

    When your Google Drive is organized, you can quickly locate the files you need, saving you time and increasing productivity in your daily work. You won’t have to spend time searching through cluttered folders to find what you’re looking for, and instead, can focus on your work and get things done efficiently.

    2. It leads to better collaboration!

    If you work with others on projects like I do, organizing your Google Drive makes it easier to share files and collaborate without worrying that your collaborators have access to everything in your Drive. Plus, when everyone knows where to find files, you can work together more effectively, without wasting time looking for missing files, or worse, creating duplicates.  

    3. It makes more things secure!  

    Organizing your Google Drive can also help keep things more secure for you and your clients.  When you have a clear folder structure, you can easily identify sensitive files and ensure they’re stored in secure locations that only you have access to. You can also use Google Drive’s sharing settings to control who has access to your folders and files, which helps protect your files from unauthorized access or deletion.

    Now that I’ve told you why you should organize your google Drive, I want to share with you a resource for making it happen.

    Introducing Organize Your Google Drive.

    Organize Your Google Drive is a self-guided, online course created by Becky Moffit, aka The Organized CEO.

    A self-professed organizational nerd of the highest order, Becky says that literally every client she has ever worked with – from the newbies to the 7 figure folks – has asked her first and foremost how to get their Google Drive tamed. 

    In 4 quick lessons, she shows you how to get and stay on top of your storage so you never have to wonder where the heck everything went the last time you closed your laptop. Dedicate an afternoon to following the Take Action boxes, and boom, you’re one organized CEO. YAY!

    (Also you get two bonus lessons on Google Docs and Google Sheets! Finally learn what all that stuff on top of your browser window does! Woohoo!)

    Don’t miss out on this (super affordable) course! 

    Click here to access Organize Your Google Drive.




    This blog post contains affiliate links, but as always, know that I only recommend products and programs that I use and love myself!

  • Must-Have Business Resources: Effortless Content Ideas + Hello Bar

    One of my the things I love doing here at Create Your Affiliate Program is to share the behind-the-scenes of growing my own business with you, and all the cool tools and resources I find along the way.

    Today I’m sharing two of the resources I found this past week that I’m implementing in my own business that I think you’ll for sure want to check out.  Keep reading!

    Effortless Content Ideas

    Lucy Reyes over at Cheers to Life Blogging has put together a really awesome bite-sized course that’s going to help you uncover 10+ social media content ideas from a SINGLE blog post in just 5 minutes (or less).

    It’s called Effortless Content Ideas, and you can check it out through my affiliate link here.

    Here’s what you’ll learn: 

    • Why blog posts are a goldmine of content ideas
    • How to know which blog posts are ideal for sparking new ideas
    • Real-life example walkthroughs in B2C and B2B niches
    • The exact tools Lucy uses to make the process 10x easier

    There’s also a BONUS: Content Ideas: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet – Discover 40+ ways to turn your SINGLE blog post into engaging content across multiple platforms.

    I bought this a few days ago and am soooo excited to dig in and use it to generate social content from some of the recent blog posts I’ve been posting.

    Hello Bar

    Did you know that 98% of site visitors leave your website without converting?  Whoa – that’s a lot of leads that could be left on the table.  One of the things that I am doing to help increase conversions is to put an announcement bar on the top of my site, to draw my website visitors’ attention to the latest happenings in my business {such as my Products + Partnerships Workshop}.  I’m using a FREE tool called Hello Bar to do this. 

    Take a look at what mine looks like:

    I can remove the H logo if I upgrade to a paid option, but honestly the free option is perfect for what I am needing right now.  You can check it out here.

    I hope you’ll find these resources helpful!  If there are any cool tools you’ve discovered recently, share them with me below!

    Please note: This blog post contains affiliate links, but please note I only recommend tools and resources I personally love and use.