• How to Make More Product Sales This Month

    I’d love to help you make more product sales this month, so I’m sharing with you a few tips and resources in this post that I hope will get you into action this month so you can increase your product sales!

    Are you up for the challenge?  Keep reading!

    📝 Draft 10 Pitches to Send Potential Affiliate Partners

    I challenge you to research 10 potential affiliates this month and send them an email asking them to be your affiliate partner.

    Some people you pitch might say no, but none of them can say YES if you don’t pitch them at all. 😊

    If you need some support writing your pitches, I’ve got a template that will help you. You can scoop it up here for just $9.

    I promise it’s going to make pitching your affiliates so much easier, so get to crafting those pitches asap!

    Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates Template

    One of the quickest and most efficient ways to grow your list, promote your services and products, and make more sales is to partner with affiliates to help spread the word about what you’re offering.  The Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates Template is the exact template you need for pitching new affiliate partners!

    📅 When to Send Your Pitches to Potential Affiliates

    Now, let’s talk about when to actually send your pitches to potential affiliates.

    I am the affiliate manager for 4 nationwide brands here in the US, and one of the things I do for each of them every single week is pitch new affiliates on their behalf.  I use this same template when pitching – that’s how I know it works!

    I recommend sending your pitches on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays only.  

    Why?  Because on Monday people are coming back to their desks and their inboxes are full from the weekend and they are thinking about everything they have to do that week.  

    On Fridays, people are busy thinking about the weekend and just trying to clear their inboxes and wrap up their work week as quickly as possible, so they may not take the time to read your pitch and give it their full consideration.

    Tuesday – Thursdays, in my own experiencing of pitching 100’s of affiliates, is more ideal timing, and the days of the week my pitches are more likely to be well received.

    🤓 What to do once a potential affiliate says YES

    The #1 mistake I see people who have an affiliate program make is that they are just giving their affiliates an affiliate link and hoping they’ll share it with their communities.

    As you might have heard me say before, hope is not a very good affiliate marketing strategy.

    Instead of hoping your affiliates share about your offering with their audience once they say yes to partnering with you, you need to set your affiliates up for success.  

    How do you do that?

    💌 Create a welcome email sequence for your affiliates!

    This welcome sequence is a series of emails you send your affiliates to make sure they have and can find everything they need to share about your products with their community.

    {Remember: The big key to success with affiliates is making it easy-peasy for them!}

    Here’s three main reasons you need this welcome series:

    1️⃣ Set the Tone: Introduce your brand, share your values, and align expectations right from the start. This sets the stage for a profitable affiliate partnership.

    2️⃣ Equip your affiliates: In this welcome series, you want to provide your affiliate partners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Share tips, tutorials, and promotional materials to jumpstart their efforts.

    3️⃣ Build Relationships: Use this welcome email series as an opportunity to connect on a personal level. Show appreciation, offer support, and foster a sense of community within your affiliate program.

    🌟 Resource to Help You – Only $27 until Friday, March 8th!

    To help you get your welcome emails for your affiliate program in place quickly so that your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you’re both making impact and money!), I’ve put together The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to set up your affiliate welcome sequence.

    > > > Use coupon code YAY27 to get the templates for only $27 until this Friday, March 8th only.

    The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle

    To help you get your welcome emails for your affiliate program in place quickly so that your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you’re both making impact and money!), I’ve put together The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to set up your affiliate welcome sequence.

  • Why MRR (Master Resell Rights) is CRAP. ? (And what to do instead to make moolah online!) ?

    Maybe you’ve seen the thousands of TikToks and Reels about MRR floating around online… (and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky!)  

    MRR = Master Resell Rights, and basically it’s someone buying a “ready to sell course” for $X amount, then turning around and selling it for $X amount.  

    It’s kind of like a pyramid scheme… All you are doing is trying to sell this same course to other people so they can sell the same course to other people so they can… you get the point.  

    NO ONE actually uses the courses being sold {and that’s why no one will tell you the name of the course or what it helps you do}.  Doesn’t that feel a tad… scammy?  

    It’s get rich quick BS and in a few months you won’t hear anything about it because it’s not a sustainable way to make money long term.

    If you are looking for a legit, long-term way to make money, I strongly urge you to consider affiliate marketing.  

    But not just posting our affiliate links and hoping someone buys.

    Instead, become an affiliate for things you actually use and care about in your business.  

    With this strategy, you are making money in an ethical way, you aren’t scamming others, and you can feel good about what you are promoting!

    I’d love to share with you the 3 strategies I use every month to earn extra income through promoting the things I am an affiliate for.  

    These are truly simple strategies that you can begin using today to earn extra income online.

    Head over here to check out a little extra moolah. ?

    Because there are legit ways to make extra income online that are sustainable.  MRR just isn’t one of them.

    Thoughts on MRR?  Drop a comment under my post here.

    Ready to earn some extra moolah online?  Head over here.

  • Choosing the Right Affiliate Tracking Software for Your Business

    Are you a course creator who has created an amazing course, but it’s just not selling like you hoped it would?

    Or maybe you are a product seller with a Shopify store full of awesome digital or physical products, yet you can’t seem to get buyers to visit your site and make a purchase?

    Good news: There is a cost-effective solution to each of these problems:

    Working with affiliate partners.

    If you want to increase your course or product sales, you need to partner with affiliates, as it allows others to market your course or products for you in exchange for a commission.  By working with affiliates, you can tap into their existing networks, reach a wider audience faster than you can on your own, and increase your course sales quickly.

    Before they can start promoting your courses and products, you’ve got to make sure your affiliate tracking software is in place!

    One of the most common questions I get when people are thinking about starting their affiliate program is this:

    “What affiliate tracking software should I use?”

    My answer is to always check the tools you are already using first.

    Many of the popular course platforms out there offer affiliate tracking capabilities, such as MemberVault, Kajabi, ThriveCart, Teachable, Kartra, Thinkific, and others.

    If your course platform doesn’t offer affiliate tracking capabilities, there are a few tools I recommend:

    • GoAffPro – This is my favorite affiliate tracking tool for Shopify users.
    • AffiliateWP –  this is a wordpress plugin and so you will need to be using WordPress as your website or affiliate platform in order for it to work.
    • LeadDyno – If you have less than 3000 website visitors a month, LeadDyno is a great option for starting your affiliate program.
    • Refersion – integrates perfectly with Shopify, WooComemrce, and other platforms.
    • SendOwl – I use this platform for my own checkout features and they have awesome affiliate tracking capabilities.

    Before you sign up for any affiliate tracking tool, I recommend you research the platform thoroughly, sit through a demo of it if one is available and ask any relevant questions to make sure you fully understand how it work.  What you don’t want to do is set up your affiliate tracking tool, onboard your affiliates, and then figure out you should’ve gone with a different tool. #eek

    Ready to increase your course or product sales quickly, but need to get your affiliate tracking software set up first? 

    I’ve got you!

    Schedule an Affiliate Software Set-up Session today.

    Prior to the start of your Affiliate Software Set-up Session, I will make sure that the tool chosen is right for your tech stack and business needs based on a short questionnaire I’ll have you complete. During the Affiliate Software Set-up Session, I will get down to work implementing your software for you so that you’ll be ready to work with affiliate partners at the end of the day.

    All the details are here.

    Use coupon code SAVE100 to save $100 off your session when you book by August 10th, 2023.

  • Cupcake Earrings ? + Biz Resources I Love! [July 2023 Favorite Things]

    Happy July, Y’all! ☀️ If you’ve been here a while, you already know that I really enjoy giving my community a glimpse into what I’m doing and buying, and so today I’m sharing my favorite biz things with you for July 2023!  

    Important side note: This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend and share products I personally use and love!!

    Favorite Business + Personal Resources

    ? My top selling product the past few months has been my $9 template on how to pitch potential affiliate partners.  Learn to create your own $9 product here – this has been one of my favorite purchases in 2023 so far.

    ? ThriveCart users… You will want these templates.  

    ? Put your Tripwire page together… quickly.  This will help.

    ? Grab these 50+ Customer Service Templates – this will save you so much time when responding to client emails.

    ? If you plan to launch *anything* this year, grab this Sales Page in a Day™ template. It’s super affordable and I use it for writing all of my sales pages.

    ? I’m obsessed with fun earrings, and I recently ordered these cute cupcake earrings pictured below from Wondermint Goods.  I’m wearing them to my niece’s 5th birthday party this weekend – can’t wait.

    ? I have been reading all of the books by Taylor Jenkins Reid that I can get my hands on. Fast, easy reads.  Start with The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.  I couldn’t read it fast enough.  

    ? I went to Washington DC last week… If you are ever in the area, go to Filomena’s.  One of the best meals I’ve ever had.  You can catch a fun recap of my trip in this reel here.

    Favorite Current Work Projects

    In addition to launching new templates each month, I am also busy supporting my private 1:on:1 and VIP Day Clients in a variety of ways.  If you are looking for support with starting your affiliate program or want to learn how to monetize your existing affiliate program even further, I’ve got a few options to support you:

    Book an Affiliate Program Strategy.

    Schedule an Affiliate Program VIP Day.

    Or hit reply and let me know you’d like the details on my monthly Affiliate Program Management Services – I’ve got space for one more client and I’ve to discuss the options with you.

    What are some of your favorite business and personal resources? I’d love to hear! Share with me in a comment or DM me on Instagram!

  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES: How I Created my $9 Offer ? + How You Can, too!

    I really like sharing behind-the-scenes content of how I’m building my business with you, and the resources I use, because I know business can be hard and trying to figure out how to do all the things and make a living from it can feel overwhelming sometimes.

    In this post, I’m sharing how I’ve made $500+ in digital product sales in just 23 days . I hope you’ll find this helpful and encouraging, and will consider creating your own $9 offer {resource below!}

    On March 5th, I purchased a $9 course on how to create my own $9 offer from Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard

    I listened to it that same Sunday afternoon laying in the hammock in my backyard – it’s really bite-sized and easy to digest, and I could listen to it like a podcast, which I love. ?

    On Monday, I made a super simple sales page for my $9 offer, which is my Invitation to Send to Potential Affiliate Partners. {You can check it out here.}

    I’ve very casually been promoting it on social media and to my email newsletter list.

    But here’s the cool thing…

    As a result of taking action from that one $9 training, I sold $500+ in digital products in just the first 23 days. ?

    So, what could you create and sell for $9 this month to start making more digital product sales?

    If you are running an online business, I know you’ve probably got an idea for a $9 offer inside of you! ??

    I would highly encourage you to check out the Small But Mighty $9 Offers training through my affiliate link here: ? ?

    Do you like reading stuff like this? If so, I share more behind the scenes in my weekly newsletter… Sign up for it here.

  • What to Include in Your Monthly Affiliate Newsletter

    Kelly here, with a super quick tip and to-do for you today that is going to help you help your affiliates make you more sales.  

    {Not working with affiliates yet? This template will get you started.}

    Here’s the tip:

    If you have an affiliate program set up, make sure that you send your affiliates a newsletter to let them know how they can promote for you this month!


    Because sending a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your affiliates updated about what’s happening in your business, and to remind them how they can earn commissions as your affiliate partner.

    Sending your next {or first!} affiliate newsletter in April is great timing because it’s a new quarter! 

    Here’s what to include in your next affiliate newsletter:

    ✅ Check in with your affiliates to let them know what you’ll be focused on in Q2 and encourage them to continue sharing out your affiliate link {or to start if they haven’t already}. 

    ✅ Make sure you are making it easy-peasy for your affiliates to find where their unique affiliate link is, as well as the promotional materials you have created for them. 

    ✅ And remind them where they can go to see their monthly commissions inside your affiliate tracking software!

    Your newsletter does NOT need to be long or complicated.  But it does need to tell your affiliates the important details they need in order to be successful in promoting for you.

    Want some support with writing your affiliate newsletters each month? ??? Click click click to check out the Affiliate Newsletter Template Pack I’ve put together for you.

    This template pack is delivered in Google Doc format, and contains 12 newsletters {one for each month of the year!} ready for you to customize with your specific affiliate program details and information.  You can simply copy the google doc, and then edit the newsletters straight away.

    I’m not doing a big launch around it or anything, just wanted you to know it’s available for you if you’re committed to sending out a monthly affiliate newsletter and want it to be easy.

    Leave me a comment if you found this blog helpful – I’d love to hear from you!

  • Grow Your Membership in 2022 by Working with Affiliates

    Want more members inside of your awesome membership program?

    Of course you do!

    One of the easiest ways to add new members into your membership is by having your current members become affiliates for you!  

    In case you’re new to what an affiliate is, an affiliate is someone who shares your work (or in this case, your membership) with their community using a unique tracking link. They receive an affiliate commission for anyone who signs up for your offer/membership through their link. 

    Working with affiliates has one of the highest ROIs because once you set up your affiliate program, you only pay your affiliates when they refer a “sale” aka new member to you.

    Your current members make the best affiliates for your membership for two main reasons:

    1. They already know, like and trust you so would more than likely happily affiliate for you; receiving the commission would just be the cherry on top!
    2. They can share about your membership from personal experience – so their “marketing” of your membership comes from a really authentic and genuine place.

    If you’re ready to work with affiliates to grow your membership, let’s walk through what you need to do to begin your affiliate program:

    Set Up Your Tech

    The first step to working with affiliates is to make sure that you have your affiliate tracking set up.

    The good news is, if you have your membership set up already, chances are you already have the tech you need for your affiliate program!

    Most of the major course platforms (Teachable, Kajabi, MemberVault, etc) offer affiliate capabilities.  You’ll want to check your account directly.

    If your membership site platform doesn’t offer affiliate capabilities, not to worry. There are some great affiliate options out there, such as LeadDyno and WP Affiliate. (I cover more affiliate options inside of my free guide here.)

    One of the most common Qs I see in the membership space is How much should I pay my affiliates?”

    On a recurring membership, I recommend 20% – 25%.  Of course, there is no right or wrong answer here, but that commission rate is pretty standard for membership site owners.

    What to Provide Your Affiliates

    Once you’ve set up your affiliate program tech, you want to gather up the promo materials you want to provide your members who will sign up to be an affiliate for you.  

    Things you’ll want to provide your affiliates:

  • How to Create a Welcome Email Sequence for Your Affiliate Program

    Here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I talk a lot about, well, creating an affiliate program.

    Today’s post is for those who already have an affiliate program created.

    So if that’s you, be sure to read the entire post to make sure you aren’t making the #1 mistake I see that could be keeping you from being profitable with affiliates!

    What is that mistake, you ask?

    Y’all, hope is not a very good affiliate marketing strategy.

    Instead of hoping your affiliates share about your offering with their audience, you need to set your affiliates up for success.

    Here’s how to set your affiliates up for success:

    Create a welcome email sequence for your affiliates!

    This welcome sequence is a series of emails you send your affiliates to make sure they have and can find everything they need to share about your offer with their community.

    {Remember: The big key to success with affiliates is making it easy-peasy for them!}

    via GIPHY

    Here’s the emails I recommend you include as part of your affiliate welcome sequence:

    Affiliate Email 1 – Welcome Email

    Welcome them to your affiliate program, re-introduce yourself, give them their unique affiliate link, provide them with ready-to-use marketing materials, and give them your affiliate packet if you have one created.

    Affiliate Email 2 – Check In Email

    Make sure they have everything they need; reshare their affiliate link and marketing materials.

  • The biggest misconception course creators have about affiliate programs

    Today I’m jumping straight into the biggest misconception people have about affiliate programs:

    “My business isn’t big enough to work with affiliates yet!”

    My friend, that’s simply not true!

    You don’t have to reach a certain level before you start working with affiliates.

    In fact, I believe there’s just two things you need to have in place in order to be successful with affiliate programs:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.
    2. A solid affiliate program set up

    Let’s discuss number one first:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.

    The reason you need to have sold your own products/courses first is so you can ensure that there is actually a need for it.  You don’t want to have affiliates promoting something that isn’t going to sell. This will be a disappointment to you, and a waste of time for your affiliates when all you are hearing is crickets.  

    Once you know that people are buying your product or online course, you are in a great position to work with affiliates.

  • Coaches + Course Creators: Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Business With Ontraport

    If you are a coach or course creator who is wondering what email marketing platform you should be using in your business, I want you to consider Ontraport.  

    Below I’m listing out the top 5 reasons you should use Ontraport to automate your coaching business. I hope you’ll check out Ontraport as a serious option to consider starting with or switching too!

    1. Your entire business is all in one centralized place!

    With Ontraport, everything from your weekly newsletter to your sales funnels to your landing pages and affiliate stats are right inside of Ontraport and everything is seamlessly connected.  

    Even if you are just starting out and not making a lot of money as a coach or course creator yet, with Ontraport your account can grow with you as your business grows. (See more about their different account levels here).  By starting out with Ontraport from the early stages of your business, you don’t have to worry about moving over to a bigger platform in the future because everything will have been in there from day 1.

    What’s also nice about Ontraport is that because everything is in one place, you don’t have to have additional tools (more on that below).