In May I headed to Orange County, California to attend the Ultimate Product Party, a 2-day business conference for product sellers. This was my third year to attend, and while it’s a conference geared towards physical product sellers, even as a service based business owner who works with product sellers, I had so many takeaways and aha’s from this event. 

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite moments and takeaways from the conference with you below.  While I won’t highlight all of the speakers and roundtable leaders, I do want to emphasize this: EVERY SINGLE PERSON was amazing. You can see the full list of speakers at – go follow them all on Instagram!  

Okay, now let’s dive into a few of my top takeaways!

Tuesday evening before the event officially kicked off on Wednesday there was a pre-event cocktail party.  The venue location was AMAZING and the appetizers and drinks were tasty. 

What was especially awesome was getting to connect with some of the attendees before the official first day.  I was able to meet one of my Affiliate Program Intensive students in person – Stacy from The Rad Mama Shop – which was fun.  

I also connected with Erin from Product Powerhouse and her bestie Shaina who she runs Caffeine + Carbs with. The UPP hosts, Cat and Allison, were also there hugging and mingling and just being the best hosts and leaders ever.  

Wednesday and Thursday at UPP were packed full of keynote speakers, roundtable sessions, and breakout sessions.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from some of the speakers this year at Ultimate Product Party 2024:

“AI is your intern, not your CEO.”@duo.collective

Some other things I learned re: AI:  from Duo Collective:  ChatGPT is great for writing social captions.  When writing prompts, always use an action word.  Gemini (Google’s AI software) is great for more research based things and typically cites their sources.

“Consistency is critical when it comes to growing your business.” – Lucy Kelly @bloombybelmonili  

Lucy is another client of mine who’s affiliate program I set up, and she is a marketing genius for product sellers and makers.

“Pin some of your top Instagram content to Pinterest.” – Mel Robbins @thelotco 

This can be automated via Zapier and is something I’ll be implementing into my business this summer.

“People need to hear about something 25 times before they buy.” – Monica Little @monicalittlecoaching 

This blew my mind because it used to be that it was only 7 times… but the world is moving faster than ever before so makes sense.  Monica also did a session on using Etsy ads – if you are a product seller on Etsy, be sure to follow her and check out her resources as what she shared could definitely help you make more sales on Etsy.  

“We are here to be influential, not influencers.” – Lauren Nelson @iamlaurencnelson 

“Make a list of 100 leads within your niche and spend time every day connecting with 20 of those leads on Instagram.” – Shannon + Ryan Matson @thesocialbungalow 

I loved everything Shannon and Ryan had to share about how to connect with others on Instagram.  I think sometimes it can seem like others are just easily growing on the gram, so it was refreshing to hear them share something specific I can be doing weekly to grow.

“How would your day as a business owner look if you operated from a place of abundance?” – Mary Tappert @marytappertfinancialcoaching

This was a great journaling prompt shared by Mary during her session.  Definitely something I want to continue to think about and will make time to journal on soon. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of being a business owner sometimes, am I right?

One last thing I want to mention about UPP 2024 is that their hosts, Allison @allisoncartercelebrates and Cat @kittymeowboutique are two of my favorite business owners and mentors.  They genuinely care about every single person who attends UPP, and poured so much into making the event awesome for all of us {as did their amazing team.}  I’m so grateful to know them both and for their support of my business.  

If you have the chance to attend a future Ultimate Product Party event, DO IT.   If you have the chance to work with Cat and/or Allison, DO IT.  I promise you will be so glad you did!