Tomorrow is the first official day of summer, but I honestly feel like summer starts when my nieces and nephew get out of school, which was back in May. So suffice it to say I’ve been in summer mode for a few weeks now!

One of the things I feel like I’m hearing a lot lately from other entrepreneurs and product sellers is that business can be slower during these summer months.

And I somewhat agree… things do tend to slow down in the summer in business because people are taking vacations, your kids are out of school, and people are spending their money on snowballs and pool floats {or maybe that’s just me? 😂)

But you don’t have to just sit around and wait til the fall to get into action in your business.  There are things you can do this summer to set yourself up for an amazing fall.

Here are three things you can do to set yourself up for success this summer and beyond.

1. Clean up your business 🧹

Are there subscriptions you’re not using?  Cancel them. And if you’re like me and worry you’ll disappoint the person who runs that membership you’re in, cancel them anyway.  It’s not personal, it’s business, and I promise they won’t be mad at you.

Clean off all the files on your computer that you no longer need. And clean off your desktop while you’re at it.  I don’t know why but this always makes things feel so fresh when I open my laptop.

Bring the junk in your office that you are no longer using to your local thrift store, or sell it on FB marketplace and use the cash to buy something new you might need.  

Deep clean your office/workspace.  Wipe down everything, including your keyboard.  

Buy a new scented candle to create a fresh new vibe in your workspace, or a cute new tumbler to sip out of while you work.  

2. Learn something new 🤓

If summer is slow, now’s a great time to learn something new in your business.

Read a business book you previously haven’t had time for while you sit next to the pool.

Learn how to effectively post on social media so you aren’t wasting time.  I am using and loving Allison Carter’s Hot Content Summer – 8 weeks of social media Reels, posts, and emails DONE for you.  

Listen to your favorite business podcasts while you get ready in the mornings, or while you’re in the car waiting on the kiddo’s to get out of camp.

There’s so many little things I think “I’ll do that when I have more time…”.  What if this summer was that time?!

3. Get your affiliate program in place so you can make more sales this fall 👭

Having others {affiliates} sell your products for you is a fast way to get your digital and physical products in front of new potential customers who might buy your products.  Use this slower summer time to get your affiliate program set up so that you can head into the fall with an army of people ready to sell your products for you!

👉 Want to DIY your affiliate program set up? This FREE email series will walk you through the five steps to setting up your affiliate program.  

👉 Want me to set up your affiliate program for you? I’ve got space for two Affiliate Program VIP Days this summer. You can see the details and book your spot here. {Payment plan available)

How will you spend this summer in your business? Head over to IG and let me know! In July I’m heading on an Alaskan cruise… my first cruise ever! If you have any cruise tips, let me know that, too!