• How to Make More Product Sales This Month

    I’d love to help you make more product sales this month, so I’m sharing with you a few tips and resources in this post that I hope will get you into action this month so you can increase your product sales!

    Are you up for the challenge?  Keep reading!

    📝 Draft 10 Pitches to Send Potential Affiliate Partners

    I challenge you to research 10 potential affiliates this month and send them an email asking them to be your affiliate partner.

    Some people you pitch might say no, but none of them can say YES if you don’t pitch them at all. 😊

    If you need some support writing your pitches, I’ve got a template that will help you. You can scoop it up here for just $9.

    I promise it’s going to make pitching your affiliates so much easier, so get to crafting those pitches asap!

    Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates Template

    One of the quickest and most efficient ways to grow your list, promote your services and products, and make more sales is to partner with affiliates to help spread the word about what you’re offering.  The Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates Template is the exact template you need for pitching new affiliate partners!

    📅 When to Send Your Pitches to Potential Affiliates

    Now, let’s talk about when to actually send your pitches to potential affiliates.

    I am the affiliate manager for 4 nationwide brands here in the US, and one of the things I do for each of them every single week is pitch new affiliates on their behalf.  I use this same template when pitching – that’s how I know it works!

    I recommend sending your pitches on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays only.  

    Why?  Because on Monday people are coming back to their desks and their inboxes are full from the weekend and they are thinking about everything they have to do that week.  

    On Fridays, people are busy thinking about the weekend and just trying to clear their inboxes and wrap up their work week as quickly as possible, so they may not take the time to read your pitch and give it their full consideration.

    Tuesday – Thursdays, in my own experiencing of pitching 100’s of affiliates, is more ideal timing, and the days of the week my pitches are more likely to be well received.

    🤓 What to do once a potential affiliate says YES

    The #1 mistake I see people who have an affiliate program make is that they are just giving their affiliates an affiliate link and hoping they’ll share it with their communities.

    As you might have heard me say before, hope is not a very good affiliate marketing strategy.

    Instead of hoping your affiliates share about your offering with their audience once they say yes to partnering with you, you need to set your affiliates up for success.  

    How do you do that?

    💌 Create a welcome email sequence for your affiliates!

    This welcome sequence is a series of emails you send your affiliates to make sure they have and can find everything they need to share about your products with their community.

    {Remember: The big key to success with affiliates is making it easy-peasy for them!}

    Here’s three main reasons you need this welcome series:

    1️⃣ Set the Tone: Introduce your brand, share your values, and align expectations right from the start. This sets the stage for a profitable affiliate partnership.

    2️⃣ Equip your affiliates: In this welcome series, you want to provide your affiliate partners with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Share tips, tutorials, and promotional materials to jumpstart their efforts.

    3️⃣ Build Relationships: Use this welcome email series as an opportunity to connect on a personal level. Show appreciation, offer support, and foster a sense of community within your affiliate program.

    🌟 Resource to Help You – Only $27 until Friday, March 8th!

    To help you get your welcome emails for your affiliate program in place quickly so that your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you’re both making impact and money!), I’ve put together The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to set up your affiliate welcome sequence.

    > > > Use coupon code YAY27 to get the templates for only $27 until this Friday, March 8th only.

    The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle

    To help you get your welcome emails for your affiliate program in place quickly so that your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you’re both making impact and money!), I’ve put together The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to set up your affiliate welcome sequence.

  • Staying Legally Compliant in Affiliate Marketing: A Guide for Product Sellers

    Note from Kelly: Before we dive into the good stuff, I wanted to let you know that some of the links in this blog are affiliate links. This means if you decide to make a purchase through these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend a product when I 100% believe in its value and think it could be beneficial for you.

    Guest Blog by Amber Gilormo, Esq. | The Boutique Lawyer

    Let’s dive into the legal side of affiliate marketing, shall we? Picture this: you’ve got this epic circle of friends (aka affiliates) raving about your products online. They’re your hype crew, your cheerleaders, the PB to your J. But here’s the kicker: the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is like that attentive neighbor who’s always peeking over the fence, making sure everyone plays by the rules in this affiliate marketing block party.

    So, how do you keep your affiliate party pumping without getting the cops FTC called on you? Simple: you have to make sure your affiliates are properly disclosing those affiliate links when they share about your products with their audience.

    Here are three easy spots to remind your crew about those all-important FTC guidelines, so that everyone gets to keep the money they make (instead of having to pay it all back to the FTC, which is what happens when you don’t follow the rules and get caught).

    The Boutique Lawyer’s Guide to Keeping Your Affiliate Marketing on the Right Side of the Law (And the FTC!)

    1. The Rule Book: Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

    The foundation of a legally compliant affiliate program lies in its terms and conditions. This document should serve as the rulebook for your affiliates, clearly outlining the expectations, processes, and legal requirements of your program. Including a section on FTC compliance is non-negotiable. 

    Here, you should: 

    • Specify the necessity of clear and conspicuous disclosures on all promotional content that earns them commission. This means affiliates must clearly state they might receive compensation for promoting your products. 
    • Define the acceptable formats and placements for disclosures to ensure they are easily noticed and understood by the audience. 
    • Incorporate examples or templates of compliant disclosures to guide your affiliates towards proper implementation. 

    By embedding these guidelines into your program’s terms and conditions, you establish a clear legal framework that educates your affiliates and protects your business.  

    Pro-tip: The Boutique Lawyer’s Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions template has all this covered for you and more.

     2. The Welcome Wagon: Affiliate Onboarding Goodies

    First impressions matter, and the onboarding process for your affiliates is a golden opportunity to stress the importance of FTC compliance. 

    Create comprehensive onboarding materials, such as: 

    • Training videos and webinars that walk new affiliates through the basics of FTC rules and show how to incorporate disclosures effectively. Even something like a quick reminder in a welcome video about the need to disclose affiliate links will go a long way here.
    • Digital handbooks or guides give them resources on compliance, offering insights into why it’s crucial not just for legal reasons but for maintaining trust with their audience. 

    These resources not only serve as educational tools but also demonstrate your commitment to ethical marketing practices from day one. 

    Wouldn’t you know it? The Boutique Lawyer has you covered here too with their Affiliate Marketing Guide that is automatically included with your purchase of the Affiliate Bundle.   This guide has sample disclosure language and email templates for you to send to your affiliates reminding them of the FTC guidelines. 

    3. The Reminders: Regular Communication

    Ongoing education and reminders are key to ensuring long-term compliance. 

    Utilize regular communication channels like: 

    • Affiliate email newsletters to share updates on FTC regulations, provide tips on best practices, and highlight common mistakes to avoid. 
    • Reminder again during campaigns and live launches. It’s always a great idea to drop a short reminder about the need to disclose affiliate links whenever you are doing a campaign or marketing push to your affiliates.  

    This continuous dialogue keeps FTC compliance top of mind for your affiliates and fosters a culture of transparency and responsibility.

    FTC Compliance Made Easy

    Folks, wrapping your affiliate program in a cozy blanket of FTC compliance isn’t just about dodging legal bullets; it’s about building a brand that’s as trustworthy as your best friend. Weave these reminders into the very fabric of your affiliate interactions, and you’re not just complying with the law; you’re setting the gold standard for trust and transparency in the digital age.

    Implementing each of these into your business can be the thing that protects you from having to deal with a disgorgement lawsuit from the FTC.

    Because yes, the FTC checks for these things and the worse case scenario is that you could get sued. 😅

    And just take it from someone who has had a front row seat to a lot of lawsuits… you don’t want that headache. 

    So go ahead and do the simple and smart thing NOW to avoid any of that craziness later!

    In The Boutique Lawyer Contract Shop, you’ll find everything you need to implement as soon as today and you can purchase each contract individually OR grab a bundle that has everything you need wrapped into one.

    Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

    If you’re running an affiliate program, having solid Terms and Conditions is non-negotiable. Typically, these terms are presented to affiliates upon their registration to your program. While it may seem like a formality, it's a critical step towards establishing a mutually beneficial and legally sound affiliate program.

  • Two things I want to buy + Favorite Business Resources for Product Sellers [February 2024 Edition]

    I’m thrilled to share with you my Favorite Things for February 2024!

    If you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community WELCOME! Every month I try to share some of my favorite business resources with you as a behind-the-scenes of what I am using and loving in my own business and with clients.

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this post, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you!  🥰

    PS: Please note this email contains affiliate links, but I only share products and resources I use, love and can personally recommend!

    🥳 Business Tools, Events + Blog Posts I’m Loving

    I’m obsessed with branded Confetti for my website… I am working to add it to my thank you pages, and it is SO SIMPLE and such an easy way to make my website pages more fun.  

    I use my Ink+Volt dashboard planner every.single.day.  I am obsessed with it.. And also, I hope one day Ink+Volt asks me to set up their affiliate program.  It’s such a great product and I know they’d do great with affiliates.

    Next week I’ve got a guest post from Amber with The Boutique Lawyer that will be posted on my blog… Can’t wait to share it with you!

    I’ve been making my travel plans to go to Ultimate Product Party 2024, which is happening in California this May 8th & 9th. I’m flying Southwest – my favorite airline of all time.  If you sell physical products, you’ll want to make plans to attend.  Visit their website at ultimateproductparty.com to learn more.  Use code CYAP to save $25 when purchasing your ticket.

    If you haven’t already, check out my recent blog post: 3 Tasks that Helped My Client Earn $33k in Product Sales from Affiliates in January.

    Affiliates not making you sales every single month?  Access the Empower Your Affiliates pdf to not only engage your affiliates but also inspire them to consistently promote your products month after month.

    If you haven’t sent a newsletter to your affiliates this month, let’s change that!  These Affiliate Newsletter Templates are designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what to say to your affiliates every single month to encourage your affiliates to promote for you and help them drive conversions! Use coupon code FEBRUARY to get them for only $27 here.

    💕 Two Products I’m Thinking About Buying

    I am considering adding pop-ups to my website, and am thinking about ConvertBox– my friend Lucy Reyes told me they are having a sale next week so I will try to decide by then if I want to sign up. Another entrepreneur I admire, Lizzy Goddard, uses these on her website and I really like how they look!

    I also want to sign up for Lasso to beef up my blog – they just did away with monthly pricing though so I’m hesitant to make the splurge when this feels more like a want than a need for my business, and I’m not sure what the ROI would be yet.  I like to keep my monthly expenses low.

    If you have experiences or opinions on the two above items, let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Sharing 3 Tasks that Helped My Client Earn $33k in Product Sales from Affiliates in January 

    In addition to helping product sellers create affiliate programs here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I also am an affiliate manager for four nationwide eCommerce brands.

    What’s awesome about my affiliate program management work is that the same strategies that are working well for my bigger eCommerce clients, are the same strategies that I teach and share with my clients here at Create Your Affiliate Program so that you can also experience more sales every single week through your affiliate partners.

    In January, one of my management clients (they sell women’s clothing on their Shopify website) brought in $33,000+ in revenue just from affiliates.  In this post I’m sharing what I do every month for this client to make sure we hit and exceed our monthly affiliate revenue targets.  

    We did these things in January, and will continue to do them every single month because they work.  They might seem simple, but I encourage you to read through this post and implement these into your own affiliate program if you aren’t doing so already.

    📰 1. We send a weekly affiliate newsletter.

    Without fail, every single month we send the client’s affiliates a newsletter.  We share new items we’d love for them to promote that month, as well as remind them where to find their affiliate link and how much commission they earn on each sale.  I use the templates inside the 12 months of Affiliate Newsletters Template Pack to make writing the client’s newsletters easy-peasy.  These are short and simple newsletters, but they keep our affiliates in the loop about ways they can earn commissions by referring us sales.  Sending a monthly affiliate newsletter is one of the most impactful things you can do for your affiliate program.

    🤓 2. We pitch new potential affiliate partners.  

    In addition to engaging the client’s existing affiliate partners, we research and pitch potential new affiliate partners who are aligned with the client’s brand.  We aim to onboard 10 new affiliates per month at a minimum, but obviously the more affiliate partners we pitch, the more we can onboard and the more opportunity there is to get in front of new audiences!  I use this exact template when crafting every single pitch.  Bonus tip: One of my favorite places to search for ideal affiliate partners is on Pinterest using keywords that align with the client’s brand.

    💌 3. We re-engage inactive affiliate partners 

    If you already have an affiliate program in place, chances are you have some affiliates who haven’t promoted for you recently (or maybe even ever).  I encourage you to brainstorm on ways you can re-engage them and empower them to actually promote for you. Could you increase their commission?  Run an affiliate contest? 

    For my client, we send a personal reach out email to our top 40 affiliates from the same month the previous year to see how we can support them and to personally encourage them to promote. A little personal reach out can go a long way in encouraging someone to promote your products.  

    If you have an affiliate program, I highly encourage you to implement the three to do’s I listed above into your own monthly management.  I know it will help you increase your own affiliate-generated revenue.

    👉 If you do not have an affiliate program, a great place to start would be by signing up for the 3 Must-Haves for Starting an Affiliate Program for Your Product Business.  

    Questions? Comments? I love hearing from you – let me know! 😊

  • Favorite Business Resources for Product Sellers ❄ January 2024 Edition

    I’m so excited to share my first Favorite Things blog post of 2024. 🎉

    If you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community – WELCOME! Every month I try to share some of my favorite business resources with you as a behind-the-scenes of what I am using and loving in my own business and with clients.

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this blog, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you!🥰

    PS: Please note this blog post contains affiliate links, but I only share products and resources I use, love and can personally recommend!

    PPS: It turned really cold here in Louisiana on Monday… It was 70 degrees on Sunday and 22 degrees yesterday. Brr… here’s a pic of me trying to survive with my big coat.

    🥳 Favorite Upcoming Events

    There are two events for product sellers happening that I want to make sure you know about!

    Virtual Event: The Nourished Product-Preneur – 3 day Virtual Event for Product Based Biz Owners

    From Etsy to Shopify, wholesale to subscription boxes, affiliate marketing (my topic!), photography, branding, email marketing, legal to product packaging, to name a few – each of the mentors of this virtual event are masters in their domains and we are all so excited to share our knowledge with you January 29th – 31st.

    Sign up here to attend.

    In-Person Event:  Ultimate Product Party

    UPP 2024 is happening in California this May 8th & 9th, and if you sell physical products, you’ll want to make plans to attend.  I’m super excited to connect with the product sellers who will be attending – hit reply and let me know if you’ll be there!

    Visit their website at ultimateproductparty.com to learn more.

    🤓 Favorite Recent Business Project

    I kicked off 2024 by releasing my newest digital product, Empower Your Affiliates: 10 Proven Strategies to Get Your Affiliates to Promote Your Products Every Single Month.

    Packed with 10 proven strategies, it provides a roadmap to not only engage your affiliates but also inspire them to consistently promote your products month after month.

    As a special perk for being in my community, you can use coupon code EMPOWER to save $20 off until this Sunday, January 21st.

    Scoop it up here.

    🎙️ Favorite Recent Podcast Episode

    This podcast episode from the ladies at Ultimate Product Party is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in forever. I loved how vulnerable they were with their shares because it made me feel like “I’m not the only one” with some of the biz things I have gone through, and it’s sooooo nice to hear women talk about the things that a lot of people in business don’t share, because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.  

    💕 Products I’m Loving

    Valentine’s Day is coming up… I ordered a super funny card from KittyMeow that is perfect for my sweet boyfriend.

    I also ordered some super cute cards from Prairie Letter Shop to send to my gal pals.  

    I love shopping small, and supporting small businesses!

  • My 2023 Review

    I love reading people’s end of year recaps and wrap up emails.  Partly because I am nosey {my mom calls this trait “being interested and concerned” lol}  and partly because I find them inspirational and encouraging.  

    I love giving my community a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my own business, so today I’m sharing my own recap of 2023.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading this and that you’ll take some time to do your own end of year recap.

    🤓 Favorite Work Project

    This wasn’t a work project so much as a major work decision, but niching down has been my favorite thing I did in 2023.  In October I decided to fully niche down to working with product sellers {digital and physical}, and to let go of speaking directly to course creators in my marketing.  I’ll admit… I was super nervous to shift to focusing on product sellers because much of my 3000+ community are course creators and I didn’t know if they would stay with me if all my content is directed towards product sellers.  Spoiler alert: It’s been fine. LOL.  Because at the end of the day, a course is a type of digital product, to an extent.

    I’m so glad I decided to niche down because supporting product sellers is my favorite and I have gotten to work with some amazing product sellers inside the ✨Make More Together✨ 4-Week Intensive for Product Sellers as a result.  

    Favorite Product Created

    402 people have signed up for the Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates this year, and it’s my favorite digital product I created.  I created this $9 product after taking Elizabeth Goddard’s mini-training on creating a $9 product (affiliate link}, and it’s been one of the most impactful things I’ve done in my business in 2023.

    My second favorite product was a little extra moolah – which was more of a passion project than a strategic business move. 

    🧳 Favorite Trip of 2023

    This is hard, because I went on some awesome trips in 2023.  Las Vegas in January was awesome, Nashville in May was amazing, DC with my bestie was so fun in July, but my trip with Jason and his son Tommy to North and South Dakota in September was my absolute favorite! It was a 9 day road trip, and I loved seeing all of the bison and other wildlife and just exploring the country with my boyfriend and his son.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of my favorite national parks and it was so fun to do some hikes and see the scenery.  

    📝 Favorite Learning Resources from 2023

    In May, I attend Ultimate Product Party in Nashville.  This is an amazing conference for product sellers, and was one of the highlights of my year.  I am attending their 2024 conference, and encourage my product seller friends to sign up as well.  

    I mentioned it above, but that $9 Small but Mighty Offers course from Elizabeth Goddard was amazing and very impactful to my business.

    Rich Girl Reels by Abigail Peugh has helped me tremendously with getting better at creating IG reels.  She’s doing another round in January – learn more on her insta: https://www.instagram.com/abigailpeugh/ 

    I am in a small number of online biz memberships, and Transparent Sales with Taylor Lee is one of my favorites.  Taylor’s program is what inspired me to launch my 4-week Intensive and I can’t recommend Transparent Sales highly enough!

    Gemma Bonham-Carter’s Passive Project membership is another of my favorites. I’m not super active in the community {I plan to change that in 2024}, but I use the resources inside this membership ALL.THE.TIME.  Learn more and join her upcoming workshop here.

    📅 What’s Next in 2024

    I’ve got a new digital product coming in January 2024 for those who already have an existing affiliate program and want it to make you more moolah every single month.

    I intend to host a round of the ✨Make More Together✨ 4-Week Intensive for Product Sellers every quarter.  {Next round begins in January!}

    I’m headed to Ultimate Product Party 2024 in California in May.

    I will continue to host Product Sellers’ Coffee Chats {more details soon!}

    And I’ll continue to be just so dang grateful that I get to work with the most amazing clients and customers here at Create Your Affiliate Program!  

    Thank you to everyone in my entire community for being here, reading my newsletters and blogs, and purchasing resources to help you set up your own profitable affiliate programs. Wishing you a great end to 2023 and a very Happy New Year!

  • Favorite Business Resources for Product Sellers [December 2023 Edition]

    If you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community – WELCOME! Every month I try to share some of my favorite business resources with you as a behind-the-scenes of what I am using and loving in my own business and with clients. 

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this blog, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you! 

    📆 Favorite Virtual Event

    I am excited to begin leading a monthly event I’m calling the Product Sellers’ Coffee Chat.  Over 55 product sellers have signed up to join me for the inaugural Product Sellers’ Coffee Chat on December 12th: How to Boost Your Product Sales in 2024 with Affiliate Marketing.  

    If you sell digital or physical products, I’d love for you to bring your favorite coffee and join me for this virtual 60 minute coffee chat, too!

    You can see all the details and save your spot here: https://createyouraffiliateprogram.com/coffee-chat/

    📸 Favorite Recent Business Purchase  

    Obsessed with my FlipStik – it makes filming my Instagram reels SO MUCH EASIER.

    You can purchase one today at http://www.getflipstik.com/cyap – and if you use discount code cyap you’ll get a 20% discount!  

    🤓 Favorite Learning Product

    Rich Girl Reels – While I think that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make more product sales, it doesn’t mean I think it’s the only way to make more product sales.  I am really enjoying Rich Girl Reels taught by Abigail Peugh.  Her digital product is teaching me how to film better reels, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  You can follow her on Insta here: https://www.instagram.com/abigailpeugh/  {and if you’re curious, you can watch the reels I am creating here: https://www.instagram.com/createyouraffiliateprogram/reels}

    🎉 Favorite In-Person event

    I bought my ticket for Ultimate Product Party last week.  This is the go-to in-person event for product sellers and I am excited to attend it for the third year in a row. {You can read my 2023 event recap here.}

    The 2024 event will be in California… You can grab your ticket here (they offer payment plans to make it an easy yes}. 

    **Please note this blog post contains affilaite links, but I only share products and resources I use, love and can personally recommend!

  • My Favorite Black Friday Offers for Product Sellers + Online Business Owners

    Hey Y’all! I’m excited to share a few Black Friday offers that I think are worth checking out if you are a product based business owner.

    Please note: This post contains affiliate links, but I only am recommending products and people I have personally purchased from and know that you will love, too.

    Let me know what Black Friday offers you’ll be scooping up!

    📆 Happening Now 📆

    Elizabeth Goddard has her Everything Offer out now for Black Friday!  You will want to check this out if you have ever wanted to purchase any of her products {which you can see the full list of here}.

    👉👉👉 Shop The Everything Offer here.

    Want to make a little extra moolah in 2024?  A little extra moolah is something I’ve created to show my fellow online entrepreneurs exactly how I earn a little extra money each month in my business through affiliate marketing. When you sign up today, I’m giving you the behind the scenes of the 3 ways I make extra money in my online business and how you can do it too in a detailed PDF you’ll get immediate access to. I’m also giving you a spreadsheet of 35+ Affiliate Programs for Entrepreneurs to Join so that you can easily find affiliate programs to join that might be a good fit for you as an online entrepreneur.

    Save $5 off when use coupon code FRIDAY.

    👉👉👉 Scoop up a little extra moolah for only $10 here.

    📆 Sales Begin November 20th 📆

    Are you using WordPress for your online shop? Check out the ChicShop theme from BluChic for a chic, gorgeous, easy-to-use online shop and website that helps you make more money in less time!

    Everything in the Bluchic shop will be 30% off — no code required!

    👉👉👉 Shop BluChic’s Black Friday Sale here.

    Grab these Harper templates from Launch In Style, which are a  set of 40 customizable Canva templates to help you market and promote your business and products.

    Use code BF2023 to save 40% off everything at Launch In Style!

    👉👉👉 Shop Launch In Style’s Black Friday Sale here.

    📆 Sales Begin November 22nd 📆

    Want to get your Canva better organized?  You need Canva Chaos Controlled.  December would be a great month to get your Canva organized so you can head into 2024 neat and organized.

    50% Off Beginning November 22nd – no coupon code needed!

    👉👉👉 Shop Cheerful Productivity’s 50% Off Sale here.

    Save time and stand out on Pinterest with these 40 Cheerful Canva Pin Templates designs from my friend Lucy Reyes!

    50% Off Beginning November 22nd – no coupon code needed!

    👉👉👉 Shop Cheerful Productivity’s 50% Off Sale here.

    Ready to become your own content idea generator machine? Discover an effortless way to find 10+ social media content ideas from a single blog post you already wrote! This is a bite-sized, actionable course that’ll teach you how to repurpose blog content for social media FAST. 

    50% Off Beginning November 22nd – no coupon code needed!

    👉👉👉 Shop Cheerful Productivity’s 50% Off Sale here.

  • Favorite Business Resources for Product Sellers ?? [October 2023 Edition]

    Last month, my sweet man, his son and I all went to North and South Dakota on a road trip. It was an amazing trip. My favorite part was all of the bison we saw… Like this big fella pictured below! ?

    It was so nice to be away from my computer for a week and to spend time in nature and seeing all the sites. These days, I am back at my desk {well, the coffee shop lol} feeling refreshed and excited for all that’s happening here at Create Your Affiliate Program.

    This week, I’m working on some fun content for November to share with you, so for today I’m sharing my October favorite things with you!

    I’ve also got something especially for Shopify product sellers below, so make sure you check that out, too.

    As always, if you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community – WELCOME! I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this blog, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you! ?

    Favorite Business + Personal Resources

    ? $9 for this entire Black Friday Prep Pack? This is SO GOOD.

    ?️ And speaking of Black Friday, it’s not too late to get your affiliates involved…. Check out these templates for prepping your affiliates for BFCM.

    ? Did you know these templates are my #1 selling product of all time… and they have nothing to do with affiliates?  Someone purchased them a few days ago and I realized I should probably talk about them more because they really are so good.
    ? Are your business finances messy or disorganized? Change that with this spreadsheet.

    ? I’m obsessed with all of the templates inside Sidneyeve’s shop here!

    ? Can’t wait for this event happening next week: Beautiful Business Summit.

    ? I’m really loving Danielle Canty’s 2% Newsletters.  You can sign up for them here.

    BEGINS NOV 1ST: ✨ Make More Together ✨ 4 Week Intensive for Shopify Product Sellers

    On Monday I shared that I was going to be hosting a 4-week Intensive for Shopify Product Sellers who want to set up their affiliate program so they can start selling more of their products every week.

    I’m only making 5 spots available for this, and two are spoken for already. {YAY!}

    This Intensive includes 1 private session with me where we set up your affiliate program tech.

    PLUS 4 weeks of group implementation where we put all of the other pieces of your affiliate program in place {like your welcome sequence, your promo materials, your reach out plan!}

    High touch but low cost to make it an easy yes for you.

    If your goals right now are to sell more of your products from your Shopify store, you’ll want to get your affiliate program set up ASAP by joining us inside the intensive.

    Check out all the details + save your spot here.

    We’ll begin the week of November 1st… I can’t wait!!

    Please note: 3 month payment plans are available.
    Why? Because I know how powerful Affiliate Programs can be for your business, and I don’t want finances to be the reason you don’t sign up for something that will be a complete game-changer for your product sales.

  • Favorite Biz Resources ? [September 2023 Edition]

    I’m back with my monthly “Favorite Things” post to share with you for September. If you’re new around here, I also want to say a big WELCOME! And secondly, know that this post is a monthly glimpse into what I’m doing and buying for my own business.

    As always, I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this post, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you! 

    Favorite Business Resources

    Create a $9 product this week – it’s easy and this strategy will show you how.

    One of my favorite things I’ve ever created in my business is this: a little extra moolah.

    Set up a tripwire to start earning when people opt in for your email list.  Here’s a template for a tripwire page I love.

    Need to set a budget for yourself so you can keep more of the moolah you earn? Access this template.

    Have you checked out The Productive Entrepreneurs Club?  Lucy is one of my favorite online entrepreneurs and I know her membership is so needed!

    Get Ready for Black Friday

    Recently on the blog I shared the 4 Steps to Skyrocket Your Black Friday Sale with Affiliates.  This post is a must-read if you want to increase your sales during Black Friday.

    Speaking of Black Friday…. Head over here to learn How to Actually Get Your Affiliates to Promote Your Black Friday Sale.

    Want to know how to pitch potential affiliate partnersGrab this template.

    If you’re unsure of what emails to send to your affiliates about your Black Friday Sale, or when to send them, sign up for the Prep Your Affiliates for Your Black Friday Sale Template Pack.  This template pack gives you the exact emails you will take and customize and then send your affiliates for your Black Friday Sale so that you will be ready to hit the ground running with affiliates to sell more of your courses or products this holiday season!

    ** Please note – this post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend products and resources I use and love myself!