• My 2023 Review

    I love reading people’s end of year recaps and wrap up emails.  Partly because I am nosey {my mom calls this trait “being interested and concerned” lol}  and partly because I find them inspirational and encouraging.  

    I love giving my community a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my own business, so today I’m sharing my own recap of 2023.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading this and that you’ll take some time to do your own end of year recap.

    🤓 Favorite Work Project

    This wasn’t a work project so much as a major work decision, but niching down has been my favorite thing I did in 2023.  In October I decided to fully niche down to working with product sellers {digital and physical}, and to let go of speaking directly to course creators in my marketing.  I’ll admit… I was super nervous to shift to focusing on product sellers because much of my 3000+ community are course creators and I didn’t know if they would stay with me if all my content is directed towards product sellers.  Spoiler alert: It’s been fine. LOL.  Because at the end of the day, a course is a type of digital product, to an extent.

    I’m so glad I decided to niche down because supporting product sellers is my favorite and I have gotten to work with some amazing product sellers inside the ✨Make More Together✨ 4-Week Intensive for Product Sellers as a result.  

    Favorite Product Created

    402 people have signed up for the Invitation to Send Potential Affiliates this year, and it’s my favorite digital product I created.  I created this $9 product after taking Elizabeth Goddard’s mini-training on creating a $9 product (affiliate link}, and it’s been one of the most impactful things I’ve done in my business in 2023.

    My second favorite product was a little extra moolah – which was more of a passion project than a strategic business move. 

    🧳 Favorite Trip of 2023

    This is hard, because I went on some awesome trips in 2023.  Las Vegas in January was awesome, Nashville in May was amazing, DC with my bestie was so fun in July, but my trip with Jason and his son Tommy to North and South Dakota in September was my absolute favorite! It was a 9 day road trip, and I loved seeing all of the bison and other wildlife and just exploring the country with my boyfriend and his son.  Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of my favorite national parks and it was so fun to do some hikes and see the scenery.  

    📝 Favorite Learning Resources from 2023

    In May, I attend Ultimate Product Party in Nashville.  This is an amazing conference for product sellers, and was one of the highlights of my year.  I am attending their 2024 conference, and encourage my product seller friends to sign up as well.  

    I mentioned it above, but that $9 Small but Mighty Offers course from Elizabeth Goddard was amazing and very impactful to my business.

    Rich Girl Reels by Abigail Peugh has helped me tremendously with getting better at creating IG reels.  She’s doing another round in January – learn more on her insta: 

    I am in a small number of online biz memberships, and Transparent Sales with Taylor Lee is one of my favorites.  Taylor’s program is what inspired me to launch my 4-week Intensive and I can’t recommend Transparent Sales highly enough!

    Gemma Bonham-Carter’s Passive Project membership is another of my favorites. I’m not super active in the community {I plan to change that in 2024}, but I use the resources inside this membership ALL.THE.TIME.  Learn more and join her upcoming workshop here.

    📅 What’s Next in 2024

    I’ve got a new digital product coming in January 2024 for those who already have an existing affiliate program and want it to make you more moolah every single month.

    I intend to host a round of the ✨Make More Together✨ 4-Week Intensive for Product Sellers every quarter.  {Next round begins in January!}

    I’m headed to Ultimate Product Party 2024 in California in May.

    I will continue to host Product Sellers’ Coffee Chats {more details soon!}

    And I’ll continue to be just so dang grateful that I get to work with the most amazing clients and customers here at Create Your Affiliate Program!  

    Thank you to everyone in my entire community for being here, reading my newsletters and blogs, and purchasing resources to help you set up your own profitable affiliate programs. Wishing you a great end to 2023 and a very Happy New Year!

  • Why MRR (Master Resell Rights) is CRAP. ? (And what to do instead to make moolah online!) ?

    Maybe you’ve seen the thousands of TikToks and Reels about MRR floating around online… (and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky!)  

    MRR = Master Resell Rights, and basically it’s someone buying a “ready to sell course” for $X amount, then turning around and selling it for $X amount.  

    It’s kind of like a pyramid scheme… All you are doing is trying to sell this same course to other people so they can sell the same course to other people so they can… you get the point.  

    NO ONE actually uses the courses being sold {and that’s why no one will tell you the name of the course or what it helps you do}.  Doesn’t that feel a tad… scammy?  

    It’s get rich quick BS and in a few months you won’t hear anything about it because it’s not a sustainable way to make money long term.

    If you are looking for a legit, long-term way to make money, I strongly urge you to consider affiliate marketing.  

    But not just posting our affiliate links and hoping someone buys.

    Instead, become an affiliate for things you actually use and care about in your business.  

    With this strategy, you are making money in an ethical way, you aren’t scamming others, and you can feel good about what you are promoting!

    I’d love to share with you the 3 strategies I use every month to earn extra income through promoting the things I am an affiliate for.  

    These are truly simple strategies that you can begin using today to earn extra income online.

    Head over here to check out a little extra moolah. ?

    Because there are legit ways to make extra income online that are sustainable.  MRR just isn’t one of them.

    Thoughts on MRR?  Drop a comment under my post here.

    Ready to earn some extra moolah online?  Head over here.

  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES: How I Created my $9 Offer ? + How You Can, too!

    I really like sharing behind-the-scenes content of how I’m building my business with you, and the resources I use, because I know business can be hard and trying to figure out how to do all the things and make a living from it can feel overwhelming sometimes.

    In this post, I’m sharing how I’ve made $500+ in digital product sales in just 23 days . I hope you’ll find this helpful and encouraging, and will consider creating your own $9 offer {resource below!}

    On March 5th, I purchased a $9 course on how to create my own $9 offer from Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard

    I listened to it that same Sunday afternoon laying in the hammock in my backyard – it’s really bite-sized and easy to digest, and I could listen to it like a podcast, which I love. ?

    On Monday, I made a super simple sales page for my $9 offer, which is my Invitation to Send to Potential Affiliate Partners. {You can check it out here.}

    I’ve very casually been promoting it on social media and to my email newsletter list.

    But here’s the cool thing…

    As a result of taking action from that one $9 training, I sold $500+ in digital products in just the first 23 days. ?

    So, what could you create and sell for $9 this month to start making more digital product sales?

    If you are running an online business, I know you’ve probably got an idea for a $9 offer inside of you! ??

    I would highly encourage you to check out the Small But Mighty $9 Offers training through my affiliate link here: ? ?

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  • What to Include in Your Monthly Affiliate Newsletter

    Kelly here, with a super quick tip and to-do for you today that is going to help you help your affiliates make you more sales.  

    {Not working with affiliates yet? This template will get you started.}

    Here’s the tip:

    If you have an affiliate program set up, make sure that you send your affiliates a newsletter to let them know how they can promote for you this month!


    Because sending a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your affiliates updated about what’s happening in your business, and to remind them how they can earn commissions as your affiliate partner.

    Sending your next {or first!} affiliate newsletter in April is great timing because it’s a new quarter! 

    Here’s what to include in your next affiliate newsletter:

    ✅ Check in with your affiliates to let them know what you’ll be focused on in Q2 and encourage them to continue sharing out your affiliate link {or to start if they haven’t already}. 

    ✅ Make sure you are making it easy-peasy for your affiliates to find where their unique affiliate link is, as well as the promotional materials you have created for them. 

    ✅ And remind them where they can go to see their monthly commissions inside your affiliate tracking software!

    Your newsletter does NOT need to be long or complicated.  But it does need to tell your affiliates the important details they need in order to be successful in promoting for you.

    Want some support with writing your affiliate newsletters each month? ??? Click click click to check out the Affiliate Newsletter Template Pack I’ve put together for you.

    This template pack is delivered in Google Doc format, and contains 12 newsletters {one for each month of the year!} ready for you to customize with your specific affiliate program details and information.  You can simply copy the google doc, and then edit the newsletters straight away.

    I’m not doing a big launch around it or anything, just wanted you to know it’s available for you if you’re committed to sending out a monthly affiliate newsletter and want it to be easy.

    Leave me a comment if you found this blog helpful – I’d love to hear from you!

  • The biggest misconception course creators have about affiliate programs

    Today I’m jumping straight into the biggest misconception people have about affiliate programs:

    “My business isn’t big enough to work with affiliates yet!”

    My friend, that’s simply not true!

    You don’t have to reach a certain level before you start working with affiliates.

    In fact, I believe there’s just two things you need to have in place in order to be successful with affiliate programs:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.
    2. A solid affiliate program set up

    Let’s discuss number one first:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.

    The reason you need to have sold your own products/courses first is so you can ensure that there is actually a need for it.  You don’t want to have affiliates promoting something that isn’t going to sell. This will be a disappointment to you, and a waste of time for your affiliates when all you are hearing is crickets.  

    Once you know that people are buying your product or online course, you are in a great position to work with affiliates.