GET ready to implement easy affiliate marketing strategies so you can make a little extra $$ IN YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS...


3 Simple Ways I Use Affiliate Marketing in My Business to Earn a Little Extra $$ Each Month!

Here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I show course creators and product sellers how to make more sales by working with affiliates.

This is not what a little extra moolah is about.

A little extra moolah is something I’ve created to show my fellow online entrepreneurs exactly how I earn a little extra money each month in my business through affiliate marketing.

When you sign up today, I’m giving you the behind the scenes of the 3 ways I make extra money in my online business and how you can do it too in a detailed PDF you’ll get immediate access to.  

I’m also giving you a spreadsheet of 35+ Affiliate Programs for Entrepreneurs to Join so that you can easily find affiliate programs to join that might be a good fit for you as an online entrepreneur.

I want to be upfront with you though:

This isn’t a course on how to make thousands of dollars every month sharing your affiliate links online while you sip mojitos on the beach in Miami…

This is me sharing the realistic behind-the-scenes of how I, as an online course creator and product seller, make $200-$500 extra a month through simple, repeatable, easy to implement affiliate marketing strategies.

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Questions you might have...

No!  Everything I am sharing are things that will cost you time to set up, but not extra money so long as you already have a website for your business.

I don’t offer a refund. But if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please reach out – I’d love to support you.

This mini-course is specifically for online entrepreneurs.  

You need to know how to create new pages on your website and blog posts. So long as you can do those two things, you can implement the strategies in this program. 

I can’t guarantee any monetary results, but I will say that I am sharing exactly what I do to earn extra money each month. I know if you implement what you learn you will be on your way to earning a little extra too. But let me be clear: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You probably won’t earn enough to quit your job and travel the world… but you can set yourself up to earn a little extra.

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ready to implement some easy affiliate marketing strategies so you can make a little extra $$?


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