Today I’m sharing my Favorite Things blog for May. 🔆 Earlier this month I vacationed to Arizona and then onto California to see the Pacific Ocean and then attend Ultimate Product Party which was amazing… I’ll share more in a blog post with you next week!

Okay, now, back to the reason for today’s blog. If you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community – WELCOME! Every month I try to share some of my favorite business and product resources with you as a behind-the-scenes of what I am using and loving in my own business and with the product sellers I work with.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this email, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you!  Have a very safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend. 💙

Please note this blog post contains a few affiliate links, but I only share products and resources I use, love and can personally recommend!

🥳 Favorite Current Work Project

I launched The Affiliate Program Directory last week.  Before I launched it, I set a goal of how many business owners I’d like to initially join it… I am excited to share that last Friday I surpassed that goal!!  YAY!

The Affiliate Program Directory is a directory of affiliate programs that I will be sharing out publicly so that we can get your affiliate program in front of new potential affiliates who want to promote your products.

Here’s what you’re getting when you join the Directory:

🤓 Your affiliate program will be listed in the Create Your Affiliate Program (CYAP) Directory available at

💌  The Directory is shared every week on CYAP socials and in the CYAP newsletter to 3500+ people

⚡ CYAP will spotlight 10 affiliates per month on CYAP socials, in a blog post, and in the CYAP newsletter {you will have the option to sign up to be spotlighted.}

🎁 BONUS: Empower Your Affiliates: 10 Proven Strategies to Get Your Affiliates to Promote Your Products Every Single Month {value $47}

📆 The Directory is launching June 10th! It’s $39 to be listed in the Directory and promoted to my community for the entire year.

My goal with this directory is to help your affiliate program get in front of new potential affiliates who will help promote your products to their audiences.

More affiliates will equal more sales! 

This Directory is a perfect fit for physical and digital product sellers.  

If you want more visibility for your business and affiliate program, you can simply head over here to secure your spot for only $39 FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR until June 10th.

🤓 Favorite Blog Posts

Behind-the-Scenes: Sharing My Top 3 Reels, Templates + Events

 Staying Legally Compliant in Affiliate Marketing: A Guide for Product Sellers – guest blog by Amber with The Boutique Lawyer

 Behind-the-Scenes: Sharing 3 Tasks that Helped My Client Earn $33k in Product Sales from Affiliates
 How to Make More Product Sales This Month

🛍️ Favorite Products

🍋 I met Shannon of CraftyCurations at Ultimate Product Party.  She was so sweet and I *love* her cute tumblers in her Etsy shop.  I just ordered this lemon tumbler this morning… Check out here shop here {and use code INSTA25 to save 25% off your order.  She said I could share this code with you – see, so sweet!!}

☕ If you haven’t sent a newsletter to your affiliates for May, now is the time to do that.  These Affiliate Newsletter Templates are designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what to say to your affiliates every single month to encourage your affiliates to promote for you and help them drive conversions!

💌 Want to improve your email marketing?  Social platforms may come and go but your email list stays with you. If you’re able to invest 10 minutes a week in taking bitesized actions you can improve your email marketing significantly.  Check out The Email Experiment™ here which will help you.

🎥 Favorite Reel

👀 I made a reel featuring Post Malone.  It’s one of my most viewed reels of all time.