Today I thought it would be fun to give you a behind-the-scenes look into my business by sharing my “Top 3” in different areas of my business.

My Top 3 Reels on Instagram

Reel #1 – This reel was a trend I jumped on and I was convinced I was going viral… but then the views stopped. 😂

Reel #2 – I have a feeling using a Taylor Swift song on her album release day is why this reel got so many views. 😊

Reel #3 – Having a cute dog in your reel never hurts, imo. 🐩

Top 3 Events I’m Excited about in 2024

Event #1:  I’m beyond thrilled to attend and be speaking at the Product Powerhouse Summit! This summit is THE go-to summit for handmade makers, shop owners and any one who sells physical products. It’s 3 days dedicated to helping you build, grow, & thrive in your online product business.

Event #2:  I’m headed to Arizona on May 4th for a little exploring in Scottsdale before driving over to California to attend Ultimate Product Party.  This is such a fun and helpful conference for product sellers who want to learn how to scale!

Event #3: I really, really want to go to the Powerhouse Women event in August.  I’ll just be getting back from a cruise ten days before, so not sure it’s a great time for me to leave out of town again, but I am considering attending.  I plan to make a decision by June!  Are you going?

Top 3 Templates I Use Every Week

Template #1:  For my private affiliate management clients, I use this pitch template every single week when pitching potential affiliate partners for them.

Template #2: I’m working on a few sales pages for myself, and I constantly refer back to this sales page template from Launch In Style.

Template #3: Danielle Canty’s 100 Email Subject line list (also I just realized this isn’t a template, per se, but I do reference it every single week!).  Get on her email list here and sign up for it the next time she shares it.

Top 3 Must-Haves for Starting an Affiliate Program for Your Product Business

There are 3 things you’ll want to have in place when starting your affiliate program:

🛠 Affiliate Tracking Software
📝 Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions
💌 Welcome Sequence for Onboarding Your Affiliates

See the exact tools and resources I recommend here. 😊

That’s it for today… If you enjoyed this blog post, comment here and let me know one of your own top 3 from the categories above!

*This blog post contains a few affiliate links, but as always, I only share things I personally recommend, use and love!