Four weeks to get your money makin’ affiliate program in place for your online store so you can sell more products every single week.

I know you want to sell more of your products every single week and are considering working with affiliates to do so. That’s why you’re reading this page.

The problem is… there’s something that stops most product sellers from getting started with an affiliate program..

They don’t know where to begin setting up their affiliate program…

… or they get super overwhelmed with all of the tech pieces that go into creating one.

How do you even choose what commission to offer your affiliates?  And where do you find affiliates?

So. many. questions.

Well, I’m here to share that it does NOT have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming to set up the affiliate program for your product-based business…

✨Make More Together✨

4-Week Intensive for Product Sellers

FOUR WEEKS of high touch support – April 2024 

This Affiliate Program Intensive includes:

By the end of this 4-week Intensive, you will have your affiliate program in place so that you can begin reaching out to potential affiliate partners and start selling more products every single week

Join Today: $444
Only $333 until April 8, 2024

No refunds will be offered once you purchase. But, I know you will love the program!

"Working with Kelly was so easy! I have wanted to create an affiliate program for years and was always intimated and didn't know where to begin. I spent time, spent money on affiliate programs that were costly each month, and spun my wheels. Once I saw that Kelly was doing this program I knew this exactly what I needed. We had weekly calls, she had email templates ready to go, free programs to use, and she even set calls with my team to ensure everything was set up and ready to go. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program if you have been thinking about doing an affiliate program. She made it super easy and provides lots of support through the process."
"Kelly was extremely helpful during the whole duration of setting up my affiliate program. I took the 4 week intensive towards the end of 2023 to have it ready to go for one strategy to grow sales in 2024. Very detailed in answering any questions I had. She made sure that each of us in the program were well taken care of on the technical aspect of setting up our programs. I wasn't able to attend one of the scheduled Zoom meetings and she was very sweet and offered to have a separate 1:1 call which I didn't end up needing because her instructions were so detailed. If you are considering getting an affiliate program going, I know you're in good hands with Kelly."
"Kelly is great, knowledgeable, and super helpful with setting this up for the first time. No clue as to what I was doing and she went through it step by step."

Questions You Might Have...

Not a problem at all- I’ll be here to help you with all of the techy things!

You might need to purchase an affiliate tracking program, but the one I recommend has a free version.  Otherwise, I’ll be providing you with everything you need to get your affiliate program set up!

We’ll have our one-on-one session together between April 8th and April 15th.  Our three group implementation sessions will be on Friday’s @ 11 am Central on April 12th, April 19th and April 26th.

Our group implementation sessions will last up to 2 hours.  They are recorded if you can’t make it live, but ideally you will be there live to do the work of setting up your affiliate program in real time.

Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to chat!

✨ Make More Together ✨ 4 Week Intensive for Product Sellers