One of the most common questions I get from product sellers and course creators is this:

Who should I ask to be my affiliate partner?

One of the first places I recommend people start is inviting their customers to become their affiliates.  And in this blog, I’m going to cover 3 reasons you should absolutely ask your customers to become your affiliates after they have left a review or testimonial as well as what the benefits to doing this are!

Reason #1: You’ll get amazing testimonials from your customers

The first step in inviting your customers into your affiliate program is asking them for a testimonial or review of your product.  Once you’ve done that, you will send them down one of the two pathways to invite them to become an affiliate, depending on if they submit a testimonial/review or not.  {I cover this here.}

The good news is that even if they do not sign up to become an affiliate for you, you will still have their review which you can use on your website and in your promo materials.  Social proof is so important, because it helps new potential customers connect to your brand easier, and it can also help create more customer loyalty with the person who writes them.  

Reason #2: It’s a faster way to get your business in front of new audiences

When you invite your customers to become your affiliates, you aren’t having to spend hours researching potential affiliates, engaging and networking with them, writing a fantastic pitch to them and tracking the follow up emails needed.   

Instead, you save so much time by inviting customers who already have used your product/course to share their experience with others as your affiliate partner.  What this means is that you will get your products/courses in front of new audiences faster.  

And by automating this process {I also cover this here}, you aren’t adding more things to your already overwhelmed to do list.  Instead, your customers are out there promoting your products and bringing in new sales for you, while they earn fun commissions in the process.

Reason #3: No Facebook ads needed

If you think that in order to make more sales you’ll eventually have to figure out how to run expensive Facebook ads, I invite you to think again.  With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to run facebook ads if you don’t want to.  Instead, you can have your customers become your affiliates and then when they refer people to you, you pay them out commissions.

And if you do want to run facebook ads eventually, use the money you make from your affiliate’s referrals to fund your Facebook ads budget. #winwin 

Ready to invite your customers to become your affiliates? 

Grab the Invite Your Customers to Become Your Affiliates Template Pack here These are the exact templates you need to send customers to get those reviews and testimonials to turn them into your affiliates!