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  • How to Get More People to Join Your Online Membership: Two Scenarios

    How can I get more people to join my online membership?

    If you have a membership, you might have asked yourself this question… many times in facts.

    As online business owners, I think a lot of us think we need to be running fb ads in order to be ‘successful’.

    But running fb ads in 2019 is a lotttt different than running fb ads in 2022 – they aren’t as reliable as they used to be.

    I want to share with you a very powerful example of why I recommend starting with Affiliates to promote your membership *before* you run facebook ads to it!

    Scenario A: Promoting Your Membership with Facebook Ads 

    Let’s say you have an ads budget of $500 that you want to use to grow your membership.

    You create ads that send sign ups to your opt in, then send those people through your sales funnel to enroll them into your membership.

    Let’s say your ads are converting at $2 per opt in. 

    Based on this math, it’s likely you will get 250 people to sign up through your ad and go through your sales funnel.

    Let’s be generous and say your sales funnel is converting 5% of the people who go through your sales funnel.

    250 people x .05 conversion rate = 12.5 sign ups  

    $1,212.50 in income

    Facebook Ads Budget = $500.

    Profit you are left with: $712.50

    If your membership is $97 a month, you need roughly 5 sign ups to enroll in your membership just to break even on your ads budget.

    The other 7 sign ups account for actual revenue.  #yay

    Is this doable? Absolutely! 

    But when you are first starting your membership, you might not have $500+ to invest in Facebook ads {or it might feel super risky to do that when the results aren’t guaranteed!}

    Or you might have a membership that can’t be marketed with ads for whatever reason (such as weight loss memberships or s_x love and relationship coaching memberships) and so FB ads aren’t even something you can set up if you wanted to.

    So I also want to show you what the data looks like if you work with affiliates to send people through your funnel instead of running Facebook ads.

    Scenario B: Promoting Your Membership by Working with Affiliates

    Let’s say you have 3 people who want to be affiliates for you, and you’ve offered them a 20% one-time commission as your affiliate.

    Let’s also say those 3 affiliates send your funnel 250 new opt ins.

    And if your sales funnel is converting at 5%, so 12.50 new people sign up for your $97 membership. 

  • 10 Ways to Market Your Digital Products & Online Courses in 2022 [Part 2]

    10 Ideas to Help You Serve More People By Selling More Products!

    If you have an amazing digital product, such as an ebook, a mini-training, templates, digital planners, online courses or an online membership, you’ll want to read through this blog post for the helpful tips and strategies I am sharing!

    [Click here for Part 1!]

    Below is part 2 where I’m diving into ways 6 – 10 on how to market your digital products or online courses PLUS some resources that go along with each suggestion. 

    Let me know which marketing tip you’ll be trying out!

    6. Work with Affiliate Partners

    You probably already assumed I was going to say this (I mean, this is, after all).  Y’all know my favorite way to make more sales of your digital products or online course is to work with affiliates.

    When you partner with an affiliate, you can leverage their audience to grow your own list which will lead to more sales of your digital product or online course.

    Instead of having your affiliates promote your digital program or course directly, I suggest  having your affiliates promote your free offer so that you can get their people onto your list, warm them up with your amazing content, and then pitch your product or course to them after you’ve shown them that they need it through your sales funnel..

    In order to do this, you need to get your affiliate tracking software set up.

  • 10 Ways to Market Your Digital Products & Online Courses in 2022 [Part 1]

    10 Ideas to Help You Serve More People By Selling More Products!

    If you have an amazing digital product, such as an ebook, a mini-training, templates, digital planners, online courses or an online membership, you’ll want to read through this blog post for the helpful tips and strategies I am sharing!

    This is part 1 where I’m diving into 5 different ways to market your digital products or online courses PLUS some resources that go along with each suggestion. 

    Let me know which marketing tip you’ll be trying out!

    1. Do a Freebie Swap!

    If you have someone that has a similar audience to your audience, you should consider doing a freebie swap in order to grow your email list and bring people into your world that way you can serve them and then sell them. 🙂

    The way this works is you each agree to email your list with an email promoting the other person’s free offer (aka your freebie!).  The purpose of this is that you each add new ideal audience members to your email list.

    When looking for someone to do a freebie swap with, you want to find someone who has a comparable audience size to yours so that it is “fair” for both of you. The reason for this is you may not want to promote to your list of 5000 people and only have your freebie promoted to someone’s list of 50 as the results won’t be that great for you. 😉 

    To make it easy for you to find someone to do a freebie swap with, here’s a little swipe copy you can use:

  • Grow Your Membership in 2022 by Working with Affiliates

    Want more members inside of your awesome membership program?

    Of course you do!

    One of the easiest ways to add new members into your membership is by having your current members become affiliates for you!  

    In case you’re new to what an affiliate is, an affiliate is someone who shares your work (or in this case, your membership) with their community using a unique tracking link. They receive an affiliate commission for anyone who signs up for your offer/membership through their link. 

    Working with affiliates has one of the highest ROIs because once you set up your affiliate program, you only pay your affiliates when they refer a “sale” aka new member to you.

    Your current members make the best affiliates for your membership for two main reasons:

    1. They already know, like and trust you so would more than likely happily affiliate for you; receiving the commission would just be the cherry on top!
    2. They can share about your membership from personal experience – so their “marketing” of your membership comes from a really authentic and genuine place.

    If you’re ready to work with affiliates to grow your membership, let’s walk through what you need to do to begin your affiliate program:

    Set Up Your Tech

    The first step to working with affiliates is to make sure that you have your affiliate tracking set up.

    The good news is, if you have your membership set up already, chances are you already have the tech you need for your affiliate program!

    Most of the major course platforms (Teachable, Kajabi, MemberVault, etc) offer affiliate capabilities.  You’ll want to check your account directly.

    If your membership site platform doesn’t offer affiliate capabilities, not to worry. There are some great affiliate options out there, such as LeadDyno and WP Affiliate. (I cover more affiliate options inside of my free guide here.)

    One of the most common Qs I see in the membership space is How much should I pay my affiliates?”

    On a recurring membership, I recommend 20% – 25%.  Of course, there is no right or wrong answer here, but that commission rate is pretty standard for membership site owners.

    What to Provide Your Affiliates

    Once you’ve set up your affiliate program tech, you want to gather up the promo materials you want to provide your members who will sign up to be an affiliate for you.  

    Things you’ll want to provide your affiliates:

  • Coaches: Work with Affiliates to Grow Your Business in 2022

    Here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I’m always sharing with course creators and membership site creators the benefits of creating an affiliate program:

    Did you know that this same information applies to coaches, too?

    It’s true… Coaches can also grow their coaching practices by working with affiliates!

    • You can gain more visibility quickly as a leading coach in your industry without having to constantly post on social media.
    • You can grow your email list with new leads who could be ideal potential clients without spending money on ads
    • And you can make more sales of your group programs or 1:on:1 coaching services by partnering with affiliates.

    As a coach, you can work with affiliates…

    … Even if you only work with clients 1:on:1.

    … Even if you work with clients in small group programs.

    … Even if you haven’t had your first coaching client, yet!

    Here are a few common questions I get from coaches who are considering working with affiliates:

    Q: It feels out of integrity for someone to sell my coaching containers if they haven’t been through them.  So, who would be my affiliate partners?

    I always say that your best affiliates are your current or past clients. So, start there. If they are working with you and you have provided them with great results, chances are they are already sharing your work with their communities or friends. By setting them up as an affiliate, you are giving them an extra incentive {usually monetary!} to promote your work.

  • How to Create a Welcome Email Sequence for Your Affiliate Program

    Here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I talk a lot about, well, creating an affiliate program.

    Today’s post is for those who already have an affiliate program created.

    So if that’s you, be sure to read the entire post to make sure you aren’t making the #1 mistake I see that could be keeping you from being profitable with affiliates!

    What is that mistake, you ask?

    Y’all, hope is not a very good affiliate marketing strategy.

    Instead of hoping your affiliates share about your offering with their audience, you need to set your affiliates up for success.

    Here’s how to set your affiliates up for success:

    Create a welcome email sequence for your affiliates!

    This welcome sequence is a series of emails you send your affiliates to make sure they have and can find everything they need to share about your offer with their community.

    {Remember: The big key to success with affiliates is making it easy-peasy for them!}

    via GIPHY

    Here’s the emails I recommend you include as part of your affiliate welcome sequence:

    Affiliate Email 1 – Welcome Email

    Welcome them to your affiliate program, re-introduce yourself, give them their unique affiliate link, provide them with ready-to-use marketing materials, and give them your affiliate packet if you have one created.

    Affiliate Email 2 – Check In Email

    Make sure they have everything they need; reshare their affiliate link and marketing materials.

  • My Favorite Sales Page + Affiliate Program Resources for Kajabi Users

    Inside this blog post, I’m talking specifically to Kajabi users. If you’re not a Kajabi user, keep reading anyways… I think you’ll still find it valuable!

    Okay, now for my Kajabi user friends: If you have your course or membership set up inside of Kajabi, I highly recommend you work with affiliates to sell more of your products if you aren’t already. 

    As a recap, affiliates can help you sell more of your online courses or products without needing to have a massive email list already.

    Working with affiliates is also a great way to grow your email list by having your affiliates promote your freebies to their audience.

    The best news?

    As a Kajabi user you already have the tech software needed to set up your affiliate program!

    Below I’m sharing a few low-cost resources so that you can begin working with affiliates asap to get your digital product or online course in the hands of more of your ideal customers!

    Create Your Awesome Sales Page Copy

    Before you have your affiliates promote your offer to their community, you want to make sure you have an awesome sales page that tells the customer exactly what they are buying.

    I have two resources for you for this:

    Sales Page in a Day ($37) – Now you don’t have to with this 6-Figure Sales Page template that will walk you section-by-section through everything you need to include on your sales page so you know exactly what to say and in what order to say it.  I use this template for writing all of my sales pages.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Imagine never having to write your sales page from scratch ever again.

    Dani Paige’s Sales Page VIP Day – I am a huge, huge fan of Dani’s work {I have her Email Closer templates and cannot love them enough!}.  If you are wanting a done-for-you sales page, definitely check out her VIP Day option.

    Build Your Awesome Sales Page inside of Kajabi

    I’m a big fan of easy when it comes to building a website, which is why I love that you can buy templates for Kajabi that make it easy and quick for you to get a gorgeous sales page up!

    Below are links to three of my favorite Kajabi template shops:

    Unicorn Advisory Template Shop 

    The Template Studio

    Launch In Style

    Setting Up Your Affiliate Program Tech

    Because you are a Kajabi user, you actually have everything you need to set up your tech inside of Kajabi.  Kajabi has a simple but really effective affiliate tracking system.

    I know a lot of people get totally overwhelmed with trying to set up their affiliate system inside of Kajabi though.  If this is you, I want you to know it does NOT have to be difficult or time consuming to set up your affiliate program.

    I’ve put together a mini-training here that will give you the tech information you need in order to set up your affiliate program inside of Kajabi (I’ll do a walk-through of it for you!) so you can implement your affiliate program quickly in order to begin selling more of your digital products or online courses through affiliates right away.

    Click here to check out the Set Up Your Affiliate Program Mini-training + Template for Kajabi users.


    I hope you find the above resources helpful… Chime in below and let me know what resources you use and love for Kajabi! 

    ** As always, this post may contain affiliate links – I only recommend products and people I know and love!

  • The biggest misconception course creators have about affiliate programs

    Today I’m jumping straight into the biggest misconception people have about affiliate programs:

    “My business isn’t big enough to work with affiliates yet!”

    My friend, that’s simply not true!

    You don’t have to reach a certain level before you start working with affiliates.

    In fact, I believe there’s just two things you need to have in place in order to be successful with affiliate programs:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.
    2. A solid affiliate program set up

    Let’s discuss number one first:

    1. A Digital product or online course that you know you can sell.

    The reason you need to have sold your own products/courses first is so you can ensure that there is actually a need for it.  You don’t want to have affiliates promoting something that isn’t going to sell. This will be a disappointment to you, and a waste of time for your affiliates when all you are hearing is crickets.  

    Once you know that people are buying your product or online course, you are in a great position to work with affiliates.

  • Coaches + Course Creators: Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Business With Ontraport

    If you are a coach or course creator who is wondering what email marketing platform you should be using in your business, I want you to consider Ontraport.  

    Below I’m listing out the top 5 reasons you should use Ontraport to automate your coaching business. I hope you’ll check out Ontraport as a serious option to consider starting with or switching too!

    1. Your entire business is all in one centralized place!

    With Ontraport, everything from your weekly newsletter to your sales funnels to your landing pages and affiliate stats are right inside of Ontraport and everything is seamlessly connected.  

    Even if you are just starting out and not making a lot of money as a coach or course creator yet, with Ontraport your account can grow with you as your business grows. (See more about their different account levels here).  By starting out with Ontraport from the early stages of your business, you don’t have to worry about moving over to a bigger platform in the future because everything will have been in there from day 1.

    What’s also nice about Ontraport is that because everything is in one place, you don’t have to have additional tools (more on that below).