I’m thrilled to share with you my Favorite Things for February 2024!

If you’re new to the Create Your Affiliate Program community WELCOME! Every month I try to share some of my favorite business resources with you as a behind-the-scenes of what I am using and loving in my own business and with clients.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading through this post, and will take time to check out all the resources available to you!  🥰

PS: Please note this email contains affiliate links, but I only share products and resources I use, love and can personally recommend!

🥳 Business Tools, Events + Blog Posts I’m Loving

I’m obsessed with branded Confetti for my website… I am working to add it to my thank you pages, and it is SO SIMPLE and such an easy way to make my website pages more fun.  

I use my Ink+Volt dashboard planner every.single.day.  I am obsessed with it.. And also, I hope one day Ink+Volt asks me to set up their affiliate program.  It’s such a great product and I know they’d do great with affiliates.

Next week I’ve got a guest post from Amber with The Boutique Lawyer that will be posted on my blog… Can’t wait to share it with you!

I’ve been making my travel plans to go to Ultimate Product Party 2024, which is happening in California this May 8th & 9th. I’m flying Southwest – my favorite airline of all time.  If you sell physical products, you’ll want to make plans to attend.  Visit their website at ultimateproductparty.com to learn more.  Use code CYAP to save $25 when purchasing your ticket.

If you haven’t already, check out my recent blog post: 3 Tasks that Helped My Client Earn $33k in Product Sales from Affiliates in January.

Affiliates not making you sales every single month?  Access the Empower Your Affiliates pdf to not only engage your affiliates but also inspire them to consistently promote your products month after month.

If you haven’t sent a newsletter to your affiliates this month, let’s change that!  These Affiliate Newsletter Templates are designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what to say to your affiliates every single month to encourage your affiliates to promote for you and help them drive conversions! Use coupon code FEBRUARY to get them for only $27 here.

💕 Two Products I’m Thinking About Buying

I am considering adding pop-ups to my website, and am thinking about ConvertBox– my friend Lucy Reyes told me they are having a sale next week so I will try to decide by then if I want to sign up. Another entrepreneur I admire, Lizzy Goddard, uses these on her website and I really like how they look!

I also want to sign up for Lasso to beef up my blog – they just did away with monthly pricing though so I’m hesitant to make the splurge when this feels more like a want than a need for my business, and I’m not sure what the ROI would be yet.  I like to keep my monthly expenses low.

If you have experiences or opinions on the two above items, let me know – I’d love to hear from you!