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The Profitable Affiliate Program How- To Guide

Hey there!

I'm Kelly Morrison,
Founder of Create Your Affiliate Program

I show digital product and course creators how to create a profitable affiliate program that helps them make more income and more impact by leveraging the power of affiliates.

So… What is an affiliate program? 

An affiliate is someone who shares you and your work with their community in exchange for a commission payment for anyone who signs up for your offer through their unique affiliate link.

An affiliate program is what you put in place to make sure that your affiliates are well taken care of! It includes all of the tech set up, email communication and affiliate on-boarding pieces that you will need to have in place in order to run a successful and profitable affiliate program.

Why have an affiliate program?

Because they are a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

It’s win for you because you get your business in front of new people who need what you offer….

And it’s a win for your affiliates because they get to make money sharing your awesome digital products with their people who need what you’re offering!


Affiliate programs help you reach more customers and make more sales of your digital product or course!
Are you ready to grow your list and make more money using the power of affiliates?

How we can work together


To help you create an affiliate program for your business that is professional and profitable, and one that makes you and your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (where you’re both making impact and money!), I’ve put together this Affiliate Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to create your profitable affiliate program, including my favorite tech resources!


Know that your business needs an affiliate program but don’t want to do the work yourself?  No worries – I’ve got you covered!  Each month I open up space to support 1-3 clients in setting up their affiliate programs. My one-on-one work includes full tech set up and affiliate onboarding funnel set up.  To inquire about availability, send me an email by clicking the button below.


During this workshop (limited to 15 students), I will help you set up an affiliate program that feels professional and efficient, and is delivered in a way that makes you and your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win partnerships (one where you’re both making impact and money!). The next workshop will be held in 2021. Click below to join the waiting list.

Ready to grow your list and make more sales of your digital product or course?
You need an affiliate program.

Start by watching the Create Your Affiliate Program Planning Session that will show you the 5 steps to creating a successful affiliate program.  This free trainingwill lay out all of the pieces you’ll need in place in order to create a successful affiliate program for you and your affiliate partners (miss one of these and your program could be a big ole mess!)