If you’re reading this, chances are you have a digital product or online course that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating…

    And now you’re ready to put it out into the work and get it in front of more potential customers.

    While investing in Facebook ads is awesome, I know it’s not in the budget for everyone when you’re first starting to promote your product or course.

    So today I’m sharing 3 low-cost ways you can use to promote your digital product or online course that don’t involve spending lots of money on Facebook ads .

    1.  Post Strategically inside Facebook Group Promo Threads

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    My first suggestion might seem simple, and it might even be a marketing tactic you are already doing in your business, but I want to share how I handle doing this in a very strategic, time efficient way because I know that this simple tactic can be really impactful for making more sales of digital products.

    You may know that a lot of Facebook groups post a thread that allows members of their group to promote their free offers, products or services on certain days of the week.  While, I know that spending time in tons of facebook groups can be really overwhelming and time consuming, I also know these promo threads will be worth your time when you start making sales from participating in them.

    The key to being successful with posting on promo threads is to be strategic about it!  

    First, you’ll want to make sure you are joining FB groups where your target market and ideal buyers are hanging out.  You want to make sure to genuinely engage in these groups so you can start to become known to the other members (nobody likes a lurker who only pops up to sell their goods, amiright? 😉 )

    Also, make sure you’re joining facebook groups that you want to actively be participating in.  While you could join 100 facebook communities just for the sake of promoting your products in their promo threads, I recommend choosing to only belong to a smaller number so you can genuinely participate in them.  

    Here’s what I do to track the promo threads for FB groups I am in: 

    Every time I join a FB group, I do a search to see if they have a “promo thread” that is posted weekly. (A lot of facebook groups for entrepreneurs do have these, so it’s pretty easy to see when they are scheduled for).  When I find the promo threads, I do two things:

    1. I grab the URL of the facebook group and add it to a google spreadshee in Column A.
    2. In column B, I put the day of the week the promo thread was posted.

    After that, each day I can open up my Google spreadsheet, sort the spreadsheet by day of the week it is, and then I go directly to those Facebook groups to post my freebie or product inside the promo thread comments and to respond to other’s posts where I can be of service.

    Now, does this strategy add up to thousands of buyers and hundreds of new people on my list?

    Umm, no.

    But it does consistently help me to add new people who are interested in my products or services to my list and/or sell a few products here and there and helps raise brand awareness for CYAP.

    If you think about it, if I sell one of my $97 digital products a week doing this strategy, at the end of the month this is $388 dollars.  All from spending a few minutes each day sharing about my products or freebie inside of my favorite Facebook communities in a very strategic way.

    So, you see, this is a super low cost way to market your products or courses…It will just cost you about 10-15 minutes of your time each day.

    2. Be a Guest!

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    One of the fastest ways I’ve grown my CYAP brand is by being a guest on people’s podcasts, in their private membership communities and inside their FB groups.  I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a few podcasts and interviewed inside a few memberships for people who’s students want to learn about affiliate programs. This has been a really quick way for me to build my email list and has resulted in a few sales from each interview I’ve appeared on, too. 

    What’s really great about this is that it allows me to share my expertise without costing me anything other than a little bit of my time.

    If you’re thinking this strategy won’t work for you because you are too shy to be live on a podcast or video training and writing is more your style, consider guest posting on someone’s blog.  

    The key here is to look for podcasts, blogs or groups where your ideal buyer or target audience is tuning in and then reach out and share with them why having you as a guest would be of value to their audience. 

    I’ve found some really great blog posts that give advice on how to pitch yourself as a guest on podcasts:

    Definitely check those resources I’ve linked above out if pitching yourself on podcasts is a tactic you want to implement this year.

    If you’re wanting to pitch yourself to other’s blogs or media publications because writing is more your style, I highly recommend you check out this webinar – Overnight Rockstar. Susie Moore is the expert when it comes to pitching yourself to the media and on blogs, and I can’t recommend her training highly enough. (Full disclosure: I work with Susie and her team, but I would highly recommend her training even if I didn’t!)

    3. Work with Affiliate Partners!

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    You probably already assumed I was going to say this (I mean, this is CreateYourAffiliateProgram.com, after all), but a low-cost way to market your digital product or online course is to work with affiliates!

    When you partner with an affiliate, you can leverage their audience to grow your own list which will lead to more sales of your digital product or online course.

    Instead of having your affiliates promote your digital program or course directly, I suggest  having your affiliates promote your free offer so that you can get their people onto your list, warm them up with your amazing content, and then pitch your product or course to them after you’ve shown them that they need it through your sales funnel..

    In order to do this, you need to get your affiliate tracking software set up.

    While there are some costly affiliate program software programs out there, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune for you to set yours up *and* it also doesn’t have to take a lot of time either.

    I get asked a lot what the best affiliate tracking software out there is.  And the truth is, there are a lot of amazing affiliate platforms out there. But here at CYAP, I believe in keeping things super simple and cost effective.

    So, with that said, LeadDyno is hands down my favorite affiliate program software to recommend.  You can check them out through my affiliate link here to see all of their cool features here.

    What I love about LeadDyno is that they are a simple affiliate program software that will do exactly what you need it to do – track your affiliates.  They also give you the ability to create an amazing affiliate center that you can brand with your logo and colors, which will allow you to set up an affiliate program that looks really well done.  LeadDyno offers a 30 Day Free Trial and then it starts at $49 a month (which is super affordable compared to other platforms out there.) I highly recommend you check them out here.

    Once you get your affiliate tracking software up, there are a few other things you want to make sure you have set up, such as…

    • Deciding on how much you’ll pay your affiliates
    • Putting together an amazing affiliate promo packet
    • How to connect with your dream affiliate partners
    • What to do when you’re ready to launch

    I’ve put together a free guide where I dive into these pieces, and I’d love to send you a copy. 

    Enter your details below and I’ll send the Affiliate Programs 101 guide straight to your inbox so you can make sure you have all 5 steps to creating an amazing affiliate program in place (miss one of these and your program could be a big ole mess!)!

    I hope you’ll consider giving one (or all three!) of the above marketing suggestions a try. Let me know in the comments below which one(s) you plan to implement!

  • Recommended Affiliate Program Software: LeadDyno

    I know for a fact that one of the main things that stops people from moving forward with creating an amazing affiliate program for their business is the tech set up.

    People think it’s difficult and expensive to pick an affiliate program software that meets all of their affiliate needs…

    And then once they do pick which one they want to use, they then get overwhelmed with having to actually set it up.


    It can feel overwhelming right?

    If you yourself have felt overwhelmed with setting up your own affiliate program tech pieces, I want to support you!


    Because affiliate programs can be a game changer in your business.

    • You can grow your list, fast, when you leverage other people’s audiences!
    • You can make more sales of your digital courses and products.
    • And you can create more brand awareness!

    So let me go ahead and suggest a super easy-to-use affiliate program software for you:


    LeadDyno is hands down my favorite affiliate program software to use.
    You can check them out through my affiliate link here to see all of their cool features: http://leaddyno.createyouraffiliateprogram.com

    Basically it’s a simple affiliate program software that will do exactly what you need it to do – track your affiliates.

    And the good news is… it’s not expensive. (They offer a 30 Day Free Trial and then it starts at $49 a month which is super affordable compares to other platforms out there.)

    Want even more good news? It’s *so easy* to set up.

    To walk you through setting yours up, I’ve put together the Create Your Affiliate Program 5 Day Challenge where I walk you through step 1 which is all about getting your LeadDyno set up.

    You can check out the Challenge here.

    If you do the work during the 5 days, you’ll have your affiliate program set up!

    Let me know if you have any questions about LeadDyno – comment below or send me a message!

    I hope to see you inside the Challenge!

    Here’s the link again.



  • Create Your Affiliate Program with MemberVault’s Affiliate Features!

    I’m so excited to be writing this blog post today specifically for my MemberVault friends!

    If you’re not familiar with MemberVault (<– that’s my affiliate link!), the quick and dirty is that MemberVault is my favorite platform to recommend to online course creators and digital product creators because it allows you to put all of your offers, from free challenges to paid 1:1 services, in one place.

    My affiliate program loving heart also loves that they offer basic affiliate tracking… even with their free version! #amazing 

    Today, this blog post is for people who are already using MemberVault for their content, and want to use MV’s affiliate features to grow their list and get more eyes on their MV products by adding an affiliate program to their business.

    Overview of MemberVault’s Affiliate Features

    Let’s start with a quick overview of MV’s features.  

    When you are logged in as an admin inside your MemberVault account, you’ll see the affiliate part of MV on the left hand menu bar underneath ‘Users’.

    If you click on Settings, it’ll bring you to a list of your Products. Below you can see that I have one product that I have the affiliate features activated for, which is my Create Your Affiliate Program Template Bundle. 

    To enable affiliate tracking for one of your products, you will want to click on “Edit” on the right on the product in your Affiliate Settings section.

    It will then bring you to a screen that looks like this:

    From there, you want to update your affiliate settings.

    Updating Your Affiliate Settings

    Status:  Active or Inactive

    Change this to active so that affiliates will can promote your product. (Leave as Inactive if you don’t want to allow affiliates to promote this product or freebie).

    Payout type: Percentage or Fixed Amount

    In this field you’ll select if you want to pay a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.

    Payout Amount

    This is where you’ll choose either the percentage or the dollar amount you will pay you raffiliates per each sale that is made through their unique affiliate link. Typically, affiliate commissions range from 20%-50% for digital products and courses.  It’s totally up to you to decide what you want to pay your affiliates


    This is the currency you will use to payout your affiliates with.


    This is a great area for sharing any important information or resources with your affiliates.  You can post swipe copy, images, important launch dates, etc. to share with your affiliates.

    Creating Your Affiliate Center in MemberVault

    What I love about MV’s affiliate set up is that you can create a super simple “affiliate center” under the description section.  (Side note: While I normally love and highly recommend LeadDyno for creating a beautiful affiliate center, since you’re already using MV, don’t buy a second unnecessary tool – MV’s description section makes for a great place for your affiliates to get all of the info they need quickly!)

    I know it can be easy to get bogged down with all the tech pieces you need in place, but the important thing when creating an affiliate program is to make sure your affiliates are well supported by making sure you give them everything they need to affiliate for you, in an easy to find place.  

    So here’s what I suggest you include in the Description section of your affiliate settings:

    Welcome Note

    • Post just a simple sentence or two thanking your affiliates for helping you to spread the word and also letting them know how excited you are to have their support!

    Important Affiliate Guidelines

    • Be sure to share any important guidelines with them, such as how much commission they’ll receive, when you’ll do your affiliate payouts [I recommend monthly], how to contact you, etc.
    • You’ll also want to share important launch information such as dates of your next launch and promo periods.

    Images to use when promoting

    • MV allows you to embed both videos and images in the description section, so be sure to provide your affiliates with any graphics they’ll need for promoting your products.

    Social Media Copy and Newsletter Copy

    • Make it easy peasy for your affiliates to spread the word by giving them exactly what they need to do so! In this section, you can upload the swipe copy they can use to promote your products [you can copy/paste the swipe copy or link to a Google Drive folder that has all the info].

    Here’s a quick glance at simple but nice looking the description section can look:

    Remember: Keep it simple so your affiliates don’t get overwhelmed, but do give your affiliates everything they need all in one place!

    Giving Your Affiliates Access to the Affiliate Center

    Once you’ve changed the affiliate settings to ‘Active’ on at least 1 of your products, your users will be able to see the Affiliate settings inside of your course site when they are logged in.  Here’s what it looks like for my users:

    Wondering where to see the affiliate description details from above?  You have to click the “(more info)” hyperlink next to the product name. 

    Full disclosure: I don’t love how small that is inside of MV and it’s not super intuitive to click, in my opinion. So I do recommend letting your affiliates know in an email that that link is what they click to find all of the details.

    In this Affiliate Center section, your affiliates will also be able to see any payouts they are owed or have been paid. I won’t go into this inside this blog post, but Mike and Erin have a great explanation about affiliate payouts here [scroll to the bottom].

    I also want to share this note from the MV team here that I feel is important to read before implementing your affiliate program through MV:

    Most of us using MV can benefit from their ‘basic’ affiliate tracking features so don’t let the fact that it is basic deter you from wanting to use it.  Fancy is not always best!

    Additional Resource for You

    If this blog post has you ready to implement an affiliate program for your MemberVault products… YAY! It definitely does not have to be hard to get it all set up, especially since MV makes it so simple with their affiliate features!

    Once you have the tech pieces set up through your MV and your affiliate center is completed, you’ll want to start reaching out to your affiliates…

    I’d love to support you by offering you 50% off my Affiliate Program Template Bundle which makes it easy as pie to do this.

    This Template Bundle includes the only templates you need to implement in order to have a successful and profitable affiliate program and if you use them, they’ll make you and your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you’re both making impact and money!)

    You can check out the full details for the Template Bundle hereuse coupon code ILOVEMV to purchase them now for just $47.

    If you have any additional questions about MemberVault or want to talk about their affiliate tracking features, drop me a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

    PS: Please note this post contains affiliate links; I may receive a commission if you purchase through my affiliate links, but know that I only recommend products I use and love!

  • What an Affiliate Program Is… and Why Your business needs one!

    YAY – I’m glad you’re here and interested in creating an affiliate program so you can sell more of your digital products or courses!

    Before I share why your business needs an affiliate program, I want to make sure we are on the same page about what an affiliate program is.

    And that starts with understanding what an affiliate is!

    An affiliate is someone who shares you and your work with their community in exchange for a commission payment for anyone who signs up for your offer through their unique affiliate link.

    An affiliate program is what you put in place to make sure that your affiliates are well taken care of!  

    It includes all of the tech set up, email communication and affiliate onboarding pieces that you will need to have in place in order to run a successful and profitable affiliate program.

    So now that you know what an affiliate program is, let’s talk about why your business needs one!

    My top three reasons for creating an affiliate program are…

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you sell more of your digital products or courses.

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you grow your list with more ideal subscribers.

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you make more of an impact in the world with your work

    And the best news about creating an affiliate program for your business?

    Affiliate programs are a total WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

    It’s a win for you because you get your business in front of new people who possibly need what you offer.

    It’s a win for your affiliates because they get to make money sharing your awesome work with their community.

    And it’s a win for the new people who sign up for your freebie or buy your product through the affiliate’s link because they needed what you were offering, and might not have heard about it if it weren’t for the affiliate!

    See… win, win, WIN!

    There is a downside to affiliate programs though… and that’s that there can be a lot of moving pieces in order to have a successful affiliate program.

    But no worries – I’ve got you covered on that!

    If you’re ready to create your affiliate program so you can sell more of your digital products or courses…

    Take the FREE

    Create Your Affiliate Program 5 Day Challenge

    In just 5 days you’ll have everything set up so that you can begin having affiliates promote your freebie and offers to their community which can mean more sales coming your way!

    During this 5 Day Challenge, you will…

    • Set up the tech pieces of your affiliate program using a tech-friendly and super affordable affiliate platform (It’s the one I use with *all* my one-on-one clients – you’ll get a 30 day free trial of it!)
    • Create your affiliate promo materials and put them into your affiliate center
    • Brainstorm your dream affiliate partners + create your plan for reaching out to them so they say YES to connecting with you
    • Plus you’ll receive access to a FB community to get your specific questions answered as you set up your program

    Click here to create your affiliate program through this free challenge.

    Affiliate programs help you reach more customers and make more sales of your digital product or course!

    Comment below and let me know if this post has you feeling excited about what’s possible when you implement an affiliate program for your business!