This past week, I was in Las Vegas attending Affiliate Summit West 2023. It was a really great conference for learning all the latest and greatest about affiliate marketing, and I’ll be sharing more about it in the coming weeks on Instagram, here on my blog, and in my weekly newsletter.

Today I want to share with you an idea I learned about at ASW ‘23 that I thought was so genius and will be simple to implement.  I know my fellow online course creators and product sellers will want to implement this right away too if you haven’t already, so keep reading to find out what this simple idea is!

First though, I want to give credit to Eddie Maalouf, who was one of the speakers on Day 1, for this idea, because it’s a strategy he used when working with one of his clients {and I will probably butcher the summary of this idea in this blog post lol but it’s so good I just have to share it with you!}

In his session, Eddie shared a story of how he was working with a company that thought their buyers were buying their shakes {I think it was shakes?!} because they wanted to experience less bloating.  But when they began surveying their buyers immediately after purchasing, they actually found out they were buying the shakes for an entirely different reason {weight loss}.  What they thought was the reason {bloating} was actually NOT the number one reason {it was third, in fact}.

By understanding why their customers were actually buying their product, and not just assuming they knew, they were able to update how they marketed their shakes, which increased sales. They ended up selling way more products because they were talking about the benefits of the product that people actually wanted which made it easier for people to know the product was for them!

??So, how do you find out why your buyers bought so you can use that data to improve how you market?

You ask them via a short poll on the thank you page they are directed to immediately after purchase and in their post-purchase email.

This was such a simple strategy, and I honestly can’t believe I haven’t implemented this before or that nothing I have bought recently has implemented this simple marketing survey tactic, either. ?

So, this week I will be updating the thank you pages for my affiliate program templates and my Make More Together program so that I can start gathering that valuable information. I will also incorporate this into the post-purchase emails people receive when they sign up for my offers.

To make it easy for people to answer, my question will be in the form of a multiple choice question so that people can simply choose the option that works best for them!

I’ve already implemented this on my Ask the Expert: 30 Days of Affiliate Program Strategy + Support via Voxer thank you page… Here’s what it looks like:

I hope you find this simple but impactful marketing survey strategy helpful, my friends. Let me know in the comments if you plan to implement this idea!

If this is a strategy you have been doing for a while already, I’d love to hear from you how you use the data you collect, so chime in below, too.