Are you launching in Q3 or Q4 this year? If so, keep reading, because in today’s blog post, I thought it could be fun to share some behind-the-scenes info on the launch resources I use to make launching easy-peasy for myself, in case you too are looking for some awesome resources to use in your business.  

Keep reading to find out what my must-use templates and resources are:

For Writing my Sales Page: ? Sales Page in a Day Template

This is what I used to write my own sales page copy for Make More Together. It made it sooooo easy and I cannot recommend this template highly enough!

For Writing my Launch Copy: ? Effortless Content Ideas

Writing launch copy for my social media posts can be so time consuming, so I LOVE this mini-training that gave me an effortless way to find 10+ social media content ideas from a single blog post I’ve already written.

For Creating my Live Training: ? The Passive Project Resources

Hands down my favorite community on the web is The Passive Project, and the resources available inside of the monthly membership are the best on the internet. I used Gemma’s webinar outline for crafting my own webinar for my free trainings, and I also utilized the myriad of other templates she has available that make launching sooooooo easy.  I cannot recommend her community highly enough. {Check out her free training here or jump right into The Passive Project here.}

For Delivering My Course: ? Post-Purchase Templates

Have you noticed I love myself a template?! I especially loved Sandra van der Lee’s Post-Purchase Email Sequence that made writing my course delivery emails so simple. 

For Increasing Traffic to My Offers: ? My Own Affiliate Program Resources

I read a quote today that said “If you don’t practice what you preach, keep your sermon to yourself.”  Well, my friends… I practice what I preach when it comes to working with affiliates to increase my income and impact.  So as part of my marketing, I of course work with affiliates to drive traffic to my free trainings and my paid offers.  In fact, during my last live launch, 22% of my sales came from my own affiliates promoting my free training for me!  That’s how powerful working with affiliates can be.  

??? If you are launching in September/October, NOW is the time to pitch potential affiliate partners so that they have time to add your launch to their marketing calendar.

Grab this email template here to make pitching potential affiliate partners so that they say YES easy-peasy.. ???

Now that I’ve shared my top 5 must-have launch resources, I’d love to hear from you… What are some of your favorite resources? Share in the comments below.

*** Please note this blog post contains affiliate links but I only recommend things I know, love or use myself.