Budgets… My favorite thing to talk about.

NOT. ?

Maybe you are like me and don’t love it, but here’s the thing… being clear on your finances in your business is important.  

So, if you’ve been avoiding putting things on (virtual) paper when it comes to keeping track of your money, I’ve got a resource to share for you.

Enter: The Business Finance Tracker, from my colleague and friend Becky Moffit of The Organized CEO. In just one Google Sheet, you can have all of the finance info you would ever need at your fingertips, including:

  • Financial Goals
  • Quarterly Dashboard
  • Monthly Breakdown
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Expense Summary

And if all of that sounds super overwhelming to you right now, let me add that Becky has also created and added a video walkthrough of all of these pages with simple anyone-can-get-this instructions. You don’t have to enter a bunch of hieroglyphic equations or go take a class to figure this out. 

The tracker is $47 and available HERE.

And once you download it, the first thing you can put on your expense tracker is the incredible {and super low cost!} investment you made for the tracker!

I know this tracker will help you – it’s what I have been using for a while now and I can’t recommend it highly enough!!

*** Please note this blog post contains affiliate links but I only recommend things I know, love or use myself. 🙂