Are you running a Black Friday Sale or a Cyber Monday Sale?

One of the fastest ways to skyrocket your sales this November will be by having your affiliate partners promote your BFCM Sale for you! 

But you cannot wait until November to tell your affiliates about your BFCM Sale…chance are if you do, they will have already decided to promote something else, be too busy with all the holiday things to pay your affiliate emails any attention, or they won’t want to spend the time throwing together promo emails for your BFCM sale last minute.

So while it might seem a tad early to be talking about Black Friday in September, what you do this month can help your BFCM Sale be extra profitable come November.

Let’s take a quick look at what you need to do to make sure everything is in place for your affiliates to promote your BFCM offer:

? Step 1: Decide on your BFCM Offer

What will you ask your affiliates to promote for you this BFCM?  Decide not only on the sale you are running, but also what the dates are that your affiliates should promote the sale for you so that you can clearly share this information with your affiliates in advance.  

? Step 2:  Make sure your affiliate tracking is set up

Once you know what your affiliates will be promoting for you, make sure that the affiliate tracking is set up so that any sales made during your BFCM Sale are appropriately attributed back to your affiliates correctly.

{Don’t have your tech set up? I’ve got you covered here.}

? Step 3:  Create your affiliate promo materials

Make it easy-peasy for your affiliates to share about your holiday sale by giving them exactly what they need to promote.  Provide them with social media graphics, email swipe copy, and social media swipe copy that they can take, copy and paste, while the commissions roll in!

 Step 4: Email Your Affiliates + Get Them Excited to Promote!

In October {yes, October}, you need to email your affiliates to let them know the details about your upcoming BFCM Sale.  However, it’s not enough to just email your affiliates one time about your BFCM Sale and hope they’ll promote for you.  Instead, you need to email your affiliates multiple times, and do so in a way that gets them excited to promote for you.  {And they should be excited, because they are going to earn some nice commissions for promoting for you!}

If you’re unsure of what emails to send to your affiliates about your Black Friday Sale, or when to send them, I can help.  I’ve put together the  ? Prep Your Affiliates for Your Black Friday Sale Template Pack ?  that gives you the exact emails you will take and customize and then send your affiliates for your Black Friday Sale so that you will be ready to hit the ground running with affiliates to sell more of your courses or products this holiday season! 

> > > Check out the Black Friday Template Pack Here.

There are five Friday’s in September… What if you spent each Friday working on your affiliate materials for your BFCM Sale so that by the end of September, you are ready to onboard your affiliates and make bank this Black Friday?  

Or choose one Friday and knock out all your prep in one fell swoop?  

Either way, just make sure you take the time to prepare for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale in advance and that you take care of your affiliates!