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  • 3 Low-Cost Ways to Market Your Digital Product or Online Course (When You’re Just Starting Out!)

    If you’re reading this, chances are you have a digital product or online course that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating…

    And now you’re ready to put it out into the work and get it in front of more potential customers.

    While investing in Facebook ads is awesome, I know it’s not in the budget for everyone when you’re first starting to promote your product or course.

    So today I’m sharing 3 low-cost ways you can use to promote your digital product or online course that don’t involve spending lots of money on Facebook ads .

    1.  Post Strategically inside Facebook Group Promo Threads

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    My first suggestion might seem simple, and it might even be a marketing tactic you are already doing in your business, but I want to share how I handle doing this in a very strategic, time efficient way because I know that this simple tactic can be really impactful for making more sales of digital products.

    You may know that a lot of Facebook groups post a thread that allows members of their group to promote their free offers, products or services on certain days of the week.  While, I know that spending time in tons of facebook groups can be really overwhelming and time consuming, I also know these promo threads will be worth your time when you start making sales from participating in them.

    The key to being successful with posting on promo threads is to be strategic about it!  

    First, you’ll want to make sure you are joining FB groups where your target market and ideal buyers are hanging out.  You want to make sure to genuinely engage in these groups so you can start to become known to the other members (nobody likes a lurker who only pops up to sell their goods, amiright? 😉 )

  • What an Affiliate Program Is… and Why Your business needs one!

    YAY – I’m glad you’re here and interested in creating an affiliate program so you can sell more of your digital products or courses!

    Before I share why your business needs an affiliate program, I want to make sure we are on the same page about what an affiliate program is.

    And that starts with understanding what an affiliate is!

    An affiliate is someone who shares you and your work with their community in exchange for a commission payment for anyone who signs up for your offer through their unique affiliate link.

    An affiliate program is what you put in place to make sure that your affiliates are well taken care of!  

    It includes all of the tech set up, email communication and affiliate onboarding pieces that you will need to have in place in order to run a successful and profitable affiliate program.

    So now that you know what an affiliate program is, let’s talk about why your business needs one!

    My top three reasons for creating an affiliate program are…

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you sell more of your digital products or courses.

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you grow your list with more ideal subscribers.

    ✨ … affiliate programs help you make more of an impact in the world with your work

    And the best news about creating an affiliate program for your business?

    Affiliate programs are a total WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

    It’s a win for you because you get your business in front of new people who possibly need what you offer.

    It’s a win for your affiliates because they get to make money sharing your awesome work with their community.

    And it’s a win for the new people who sign up for your freebie or buy your product through the affiliate’s link because they needed what you were offering, and might not have heard about it if it weren’t for the affiliate!

    See… win, win, WIN!

    There is a downside to affiliate programs though… and that’s that there can be a lot of moving pieces in order to have a successful affiliate program.

    But no worries – I’ve got you covered on that!

    If you’re ready to create your affiliate program so you can sell more of your digital products or courses I’ve got everything you need inside of the MAKE MORE TOGETHER program.  Click here for all of the details.

    Comment below and let me know if this post has you feeling excited about what’s possible when you implement an affiliate program for your business!