Not that long ago, I read on Shopify’s website that one in four shoppers who were new to brands bought through affiliate links. And while I am not surprised by this fact, I am surprised by how many product sellers I know who aren’t currently working with affiliates to sell more!

If you sell digital or physical products, this blog post is for you.  Below, I’m sharing 3 tips for product sellers to sell more products by working with affiliates!

Tip #1: Turn Your Existing Customers into Your Affiliates

Once you’ve set up your affiliate program, I encourage you to invite all of your existing customers/clients to become your affiliates.  

Why is this a good idea?  Because they are the people who can authentically share about your product with others who may need or want it!

Another way to think about it:

If you have 20 customers, and they each referred just 1 person to your product who purchased… BOOM! 20 new customers. Your sales essentially doubled! 🙂  

So, before you pitch others to be your affiliates, make sure you start with your existing customers!

Tip #2: Make It Personal When Choosing Others Affiliate Partners

In my upcoming workshop I mentioned above, I’ll be sharing in-depth about who else, besides your past customers, make the best affiliate partners {you’ll even leave knowing exactly who you want to pitch!}.  But here’s a little tip if you are thinking about who to partner with now:  Make it personal… and be choosy!

When you are researching who would make dream affiliate partners, choose people who you genuinely like, and who you support their business and would be proud to have promote your products.  

Don’t choose potential affiliates based on audience size alone… because really, if they don’t have an engaged audience, or if their audience isn’t a great fit for your products, that large audience number is just a vanity metric. 

Tip #3: Make things easy-peasy for your affiliates!

Set your affiliates up for success by creating a welcome email sequence for your affiliates! This welcome sequence is a series of emails you send your affiliates to make sure they have and can find everything they need to share about your offer with their community. {Remember: The big key to success with affiliates is making it easy-peasy for them!}  I share more in-depth about what your welcome emails should be in this post

Ready to learn who your dream affiliate partners should be… and exactly how to get them to say YES to partnering with you {even if they don’t know who you are!}?  

Join me on Thursday, June 2nd for an exciting workshop designed to get you into action and start reaching out to your dream affiliate partners:

The Dream Affiliate Partners Planning Workshop

📆 Thursday, June 2nd @ 12 pm Central | 10 am Pacific 📆

Here’s what this workshop will cover:

👉🏻 What makes someone a dream affiliate partner

👉🏻 Who your dream affiliate partners should be

👉🏻 Exactly what to say when you pitch someone to be your affiliate partner {I’m giving you a template!}

👉🏻 How to get a dream affiliate partner to say yes to you… even if they don’t know who you are

👉🏻 How to follow up with dream affiliate partners who don’t respond… or who say no

👉🏻 What do say and do once your dream affiliate partners say YES to partnering with you

Can’t make it live? Go ahead and register and I’ll send you the replay on June 3rd.

Sign up for the workshop here.