Inside this blog post, I’m talking specifically to Kajabi users. If you’re not a Kajabi user, keep reading anyways… I think you’ll still find it valuable!

Okay, now for my Kajabi user friends: If you have your course or membership set up inside of Kajabi, I highly recommend you work with affiliates to sell more of your products if you aren’t already. 

As a recap, affiliates can help you sell more of your online courses or products without needing to have a massive email list already.

Working with affiliates is also a great way to grow your email list by having your affiliates promote your freebies to their audience.

The best news?

As a Kajabi user you already have the tech software needed to set up your affiliate program!

Below I’m sharing a few low-cost resources so that you can begin working with affiliates asap to get your digital product or online course in the hands of more of your ideal customers!

Create Your Awesome Sales Page Copy

Before you have your affiliates promote your offer to their community, you want to make sure you have an awesome sales page that tells the customer exactly what they are buying.

I have two resources for you for this:

Sales Page in a Day ($37) – Now you don’t have to with this 6-Figure Sales Page template that will walk you section-by-section through everything you need to include on your sales page so you know exactly what to say and in what order to say it.  I use this template for writing all of my sales pages.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Imagine never having to write your sales page from scratch ever again.

Dani Paige’s Sales Page VIP Day – I am a huge, huge fan of Dani’s work {I have her Email Closer templates and cannot love them enough!}.  If you are wanting a done-for-you sales page, definitely check out her VIP Day option.

Build Your Awesome Sales Page inside of Kajabi

I’m a big fan of easy when it comes to building a website, which is why I love that you can buy templates for Kajabi that make it easy and quick for you to get a gorgeous sales page up!

Below are links to three of my favorite Kajabi template shops:

Unicorn Advisory Template Shop 

The Template Studio

Launch In Style

Setting Up Your Affiliate Program Tech

Because you are a Kajabi user, you actually have everything you need to set up your tech inside of Kajabi.  Kajabi has a simple but really effective affiliate tracking system.

I know a lot of people get totally overwhelmed with trying to set up their affiliate system inside of Kajabi though.  If this is you, I want you to know it does NOT have to be difficult or time consuming to set up your affiliate program.

I’ve put together a mini-training here that will give you the tech information you need in order to set up your affiliate program inside of Kajabi (I’ll do a walk-through of it for you!) so you can implement your affiliate program quickly in order to begin selling more of your digital products or online courses through affiliates right away.

Click here to check out the Set Up Your Affiliate Program Mini-training + Template for Kajabi users.


I hope you find the above resources helpful… Chime in below and let me know what resources you use and love for Kajabi! 

** As always, this post may contain affiliate links – I only recommend products and people I know and love!