Here at Create Your Affiliate Program, I’m always sharing with course creators and membership site creators the benefits of creating an affiliate program:

Did you know that this same information applies to coaches, too?

It’s true… Coaches can also grow their coaching practices by working with affiliates!

  • You can gain more visibility quickly as a leading coach in your industry without having to constantly post on social media.
  • You can grow your email list with new leads who could be ideal potential clients without spending money on ads
  • And you can make more sales of your group programs or 1:on:1 coaching services by partnering with affiliates.

As a coach, you can work with affiliates…

… Even if you only work with clients 1:on:1.

… Even if you work with clients in small group programs.

… Even if you haven’t had your first coaching client, yet!

Here are a few common questions I get from coaches who are considering working with affiliates:

Q: It feels out of integrity for someone to sell my coaching containers if they haven’t been through them.  So, who would be my affiliate partners?

I always say that your best affiliates are your current or past clients. So, start there. If they are working with you and you have provided them with great results, chances are they are already sharing your work with their communities or friends. By setting them up as an affiliate, you are giving them an extra incentive {usually monetary!} to promote your work.

Q: I haven’t booked my first coaching client yet, so shouldn’t I wait to start working with affiliates?

Above I share that your best affiliates are those who have experienced your work before. But I also believe you can have affiliates promote your work who haven’t worked with you personally. 

Do I think you can also have people affiliate for you if they haven’t personally worked with you?  Yes… but I encourage you to only have affiliates who you can vouch for their reputation.  For example, while I don’t want just any old Joe off the street to be my affiliate, if Amy Porterfield wanted to be my affiliate, I would love that even though she hasn’t purchased The Make More Together Kit.  Why? Because of her great reputation as a leading course expert and because I know her work enough to know that having her be an affiliate is in alignment with my own business. {Amy, if you are reading this, email me! 😆}.   

Q: I definitely want to work with affiliate partners… But I’m not good with tech and what do I have to set up to get my affiliate program in place?

If you’re ready to start working with affiliate partners, I’ve got a free Guide to support in learning what it takes to create a profitable affiliate program.

In The Profitable Affiliate Program How-To Guide, I’m sharing with you the five steps to setting up your money-makin’ affiliate program for your coaching business. Download it for free here.

I hope this post encourages you to think about working with affiliates to promote your coaching practice!

What questions do you have? Comment below or shoot me a DM over on Instagram… would love to chat with you!