How can I get more people to join my online membership?

If you have a membership, you might have asked yourself this question… many times in facts.

As online business owners, I think a lot of us think we need to be running fb ads in order to be ‘successful’.

But running fb ads in 2019 is a lotttt different than running fb ads in 2022 – they aren’t as reliable as they used to be.

I want to share with you a very powerful example of why I recommend starting with Affiliates to promote your membership *before* you run facebook ads to it!

Scenario A: Promoting Your Membership with Facebook Ads 

Let’s say you have an ads budget of $500 that you want to use to grow your membership.

You create ads that send sign ups to your opt in, then send those people through your sales funnel to enroll them into your membership.

Let’s say your ads are converting at $2 per opt in. 

Based on this math, it’s likely you will get 250 people to sign up through your ad and go through your sales funnel.

Let’s be generous and say your sales funnel is converting 5% of the people who go through your sales funnel.

250 people x .05 conversion rate = 12.5 sign ups  

$1,212.50 in income

Facebook Ads Budget = $500.

Profit you are left with: $712.50

If your membership is $97 a month, you need roughly 5 sign ups to enroll in your membership just to break even on your ads budget.

The other 7 sign ups account for actual revenue.  #yay

Is this doable? Absolutely! 

But when you are first starting your membership, you might not have $500+ to invest in Facebook ads {or it might feel super risky to do that when the results aren’t guaranteed!}

Or you might have a membership that can’t be marketed with ads for whatever reason (such as weight loss memberships or s_x love and relationship coaching memberships) and so FB ads aren’t even something you can set up if you wanted to.

So I also want to show you what the data looks like if you work with affiliates to send people through your funnel instead of running Facebook ads.

Scenario B: Promoting Your Membership by Working with Affiliates

Let’s say you have 3 people who want to be affiliates for you, and you’ve offered them a 20% one-time commission as your affiliate.

Let’s also say those 3 affiliates send your funnel 250 new opt ins.

And if your sales funnel is converting at 5%, so 12.50 new people sign up for your $97 membership. 

250 people x .05 conversion rate = 12.5 sign ups  

$1,212.50 in income

20% goes to affiliates = $242.50.

Profit you are left with: $970

In both scenarios, you are making a profit and growing your membership.

But it can cost a lot of money upfront to run your fb ads and you aren’t really guaranteed any results from spending this money.

By working with affiliates, you aren’t spending money until you’ve made the money.  This is a less risky way to market your membership when starting out.

In fact, if you are wanting to invest in facebook ads, you could start by working with affiliates and use the profits you make to invest in Facebook ads. 

To be clear, this post isn’t to bash ads at all; I love them!  And I have a really great fb ads manager to recommend to you if this is something you need help with!

This post is meant to encourage you to show you what’s possible when you work with affiliates to grow your membership.

If this is something you’d like support with, I’m booking spots for my 1:on:1 Affiliate Program VIP Day.  

I’d love to show you what’s possible when you work with affiliates to grow your awesome membership!

Questions? Drop them below!