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so that you can gain more visibility quickly, grow your email list with new leads and make more sales of your courses and products!



I know you want to make more sales in your business and make more impact and are considering leveraging the power of affiliates to do so. That’s why you’re reading this page.

The problem is… there’s something that stops most online business owners from getting started with an affiliate program.. 

They don’t know where to begin setting up their affiliate program…

… or they get super overwhelmed with all of the tech pieces that go into creating one. 

And then once they do set up the tech? 

They have no idea what to say to potential affiliates when reaching out to get them to promote their products or courses. 

Well, I’m here to share that it does not have to be difficult or time consuming to start your affiliate program!


The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit

This comprehensive kit will give you the information you need in order to plan out your affiliate program, choose the affiliate tracking software that’s right for your business, and begin implementing your tech and affiliate strategy so that you can begin working with affiliates to grow your business and make more moolah!

The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit includes an Affiliate Program Planning Session training {so you can map out your entire affiliate program}, recommended tech resources, Affiliate reach out template {so you know exactly what to say when reaching out to your dream affiliate partners} and a BONUS Affiliate tracking template!

Here's what The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit includes:

By the end of this mini-training, you will have your affiliate strategy in place, your affiliate tracking software picked out so you can install it right away, you’ll know exactly what to say when reaching out to potential affiliates (thanks to the template!) and also how to track your potential affiliates.

Download The Start Your Affiliate Program Kit today!

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special bonus:

Affiliate Promo Packet Canva Template

The Affiliate Promo Packet Template is exactly what you need to make sure your affiliates have everything they need, in one place, to be a successful affiliate for you.

With the Affiliate Promo Packet Template, you get access to a Canva template that is yours to take and edit as you desire. 

The pages listed inside this packet are the ones I highly encourage you to fill out with your specific Affiliate Program Information and to add your images and switch out the colors with your unique brand colors.

Have we met?

I'm Kelly.

Founder of Create Your Affiliate Program and Affiliate Manager for some of the most amazing 6-to-7 figure entrepreneurs in the online space!

Here at CYAP, I show digital product and course creators how to create a profitable affiliate program that helps them make more income and more impact by leveraging the power of affiliates.

An affiliate program is what you put in place to make sure that your affiliates are well taken care of, and when done right, they are a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

It’s win for you because you get your business in front of new people who need what you offer….

And it’s a win for your affiliates because they get to make money sharing your awesome digital products with their people who need what you’re offering!

I’d love to support you in starting your profitable affiliate program!  Grab the kit today!

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