Set up the tech for your Shopify store’s affiliate program so that you can get in front of new customers quickly and make more sales of your products {no Facebook ads needed!}

I know you want to sell more of your products on Shopify and are considering working with affiliates to do so. That’s why you’re reading this page.

The problem is… there’s something that stops most Shopify store owners from getting started with an affiliate program..

They don’t know where to begin setting up their affiliate program…

… or they get super overwhelmed with all of the tech pieces that go into creating one.

How do you even choose which affiliate tracking software to go with when there are so many out there?

Well, I’m here to share that it does NOT have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming to set up the tech for your Shopify store’s affiliate program…

Tech Setup for Your Shopify Affiliate Program

A Step-by-Step Guide + Templates

This comprehensive guide and templates will give you the step-by-step training you need in order to set up the tech software for your Shopify store so that you can begin working with affiliates to grow your business and sell more products.

The Tech Setup for Your Shopify Affiliate Program training includes:

By the end of this training, you will have your affiliate tech in place so that you can begin reaching out to potential affiliate partners and start selling more products!

Buy Today: $47

Due to the digital nature of this template, no refunds will be offered once you purchase. But, I know you will love the template!

Questions You Might Have...

Not a problem at all – The video tutorials will walk you step by step through everything you need to do in order to set up your affiliate tracking software.

You will have to sign up for an affiliate program software if you don’t have one already, but the one I recommend for Shopify users has a free option for just getting started, or is $29 a month {which will pay for itself in no time!}

That depends on how tech savvy you are.  I recommend carving out 2 hours to get eerything in place, but you may need longer depending on how fast you can navigate the platform.

Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to chat!

Tech Setup for Your Shopify Affiliate Program