Question for you if you already have an affiliate program: How often are you checking in with your affiliates?  

If you’re just sending your affiliates their unique affiliate link and never checking in with them again after that, you are missing out on the opportunity to really create a profitable affiliate program… one that not only makes you and your affiliates great money, but one where your affiliates feel so well taken care of that they *love* supporting you and are sharing you with their community regularly!

When working with my Make More Together Kit clients, I always share that one of the most important parts of having a successful and profitable affiliate program is making sure that your affiliates feel well taken care of and that they can very easily find what they need to promote your work.  The easier you make things for your affiliates, the more successful they will be, which means more success for you!

I encourage you to make sure you have an affiliate onboarding system in place for your affiliates so that when they agree to be your affiliate, they have everything they need from Day 1.  {I’ve got affiliate onboarding templates for you here that make creating this onboarding process simple! Use coupon code YAY50 to save 50% off.}

One of the other ways you can take great care of your affiliates is by sending them a monthly affiliate newsletter.

Your affiliate newsletter is a monthly email that only your affiliates have access to and that contains important reminders and information about your work!

Sending this newsletter once a month is ideal – it will help keep your business top of mind for your affiliates and will remind them of the benefits of being your affiliate.

Below are ideas for your affiliate newsletter – one for each month of the year! 


12 Months of Affiliate Newsletter Ideas


January means a new year, and this is a great time to re-engage your affiliates! Start your newsletter by wishing your affiliates a Happy New Year and let them know what you’ll be focusing on in the 1st quarter of the year].    Remind your affiliates what their unique affiliate link is, what the commission is they will receive for promoting your work, and where to find all of their promotional materials.  I also highly encourage you to put together an Affiliate Promo Packet Template where you share your specific information so that your affiliates have a clear idea of what they can promote for you, what commissions they’ll receive and where to find everything they need.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many in February, so it’s a great time to remind your affiliates about one of your most loved services/products that they can promote for you. Share the product’s features/benefits and why your customers love it.  Include a client testimonial in this newsletter as social proof so that your affiliates know what they are promoting is valuable and works!  Also, give your affiliates a new social media post blurb that they can easily insert their affiliate link to to share out!


Spring is just around the corner, and a great month for letting your affiliates know what freebies you provide that they can offer their community.  While sometimes your affiliates might promote your courses/products/services directly to their audience, it’s always good to have them offer your freebies to their community first so that you can nurture their audience and build that important know-like-trust factor before pitching your offer.  So share your freebies with your affiliates and let them know where they can find those promo links!


New month, new quarter!  Check in with your affiliates to let them know what you’ll be focused on this quarter and encourage them to continue sharing out your affiliate link.  Each month when you send your affiliate newsletter, make sure you are making it easy-peasy for your affiliates to find where their unique affiliate link is, as well as the promotional materials you have for them.  And remind them where they can go to see their monthly commissions!


Are you running any sales in May? Do you have something launching that you’d love your affiliates to promote? This is a great time to look ahead and let your affiliates know what’s happening in the month of May.  Share with them 3 ways they can easily promote your offerings.  And of course, include where to find their affiliate link and promo materials. 


Summer is here, which means vacations are here and school is out… But it doesn’t mean your affiliate sales have to diminish just because people are busy elsewhere! June is a great month to provide your affiliates with fresh new graphics and promo posts.  One of the biggest keys to success with an affiliate program is to make sure you are making it as easy as possible for your affiliates to share your work with their communities, so as always, make sure your affiliates know exactly where to find their unique affiliate links and promo materials.


July means the start of the second half of the year!  This is a great time to acknowledge your top affiliates in a newsletter.  Share with your affiliates what your top affiliates have done {you don’t have to share their names!} but you can let your affiliates know that your top 3 affiliates have referred X amount of sales which means they earned $X amount of dollars.  Show your affiliates what’s possible when they share your work with their community!


In this month’s newsletter, feature one of your freebies, such as a guide, checklist, or video, and give your affiliates a fresh new promo post they can use to share this with their community. Make it easy peasy for them to find their affiliate link.  And remind them where they can go to see their monthly commissions!


It’s back to school time in September!  Do you have a product or service that is perfect for your affiliates to promote in the fall months?  In your newsletter this month, share that with your affiliates.  As always, make sure they know where to find their unique affiliate link as well as the promotional materials you provide them.  You might even include your affiliate promo packet in this newsletter as an easy reminder for them.


Last quarter of the year… let’s finish strong!  As always, check in with your affiliates to let them know what you’ll be focused on this quarter.  Make sure they know where to find their unique affiliate link as well as the promotional materials you provide them.


In the US, November means two things: Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales.  If you are running any special Black Friday promos, in your affiliate newsletter this month would be a great time to remind your affiliates of those promo periods and to provide them with any special graphics they might need.


It’s the holidays for many, so this month is a great time to wish your affiliates Happy Holidays and thank them for their support throughout the past year.  

You can also take a look at which affiliates brought in the most sales for you in the past year, and send them a little holiday gift/thank you.  This is a really nice touch to make your affiliates feel highly valued. 


I hope you find the above list of Affiliate Newsletter ideas helpful!  Let me know in the comments below if you will be trying this out for your own affiliate program!